Sunday, 6 July 2014

Developing a Lending Library, a 30 day campaign

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about the lending library we are starting L'ilui Nishmas.We have had some options come and go but books are gradually coming in. We finally managed to obtain a library stamp and were ready to begin another fundraiser to obtain bookshelves and other important items to establish a professional library and be open for members when tragedy hit Am Yisrael. What do we do in the face of tragedy? We build. We consider how to absorb the difficulties into what we are doing and to improve our plans.

So it is we looked at the 300 books already in stock and agreed we need at least 3 bookshelves. Now we do have 3 relatives we are doing this in the merit of, but our latest campaign goes through Shloshim for 3 young Yeshiva Bocharim. So we invite you to help us raise the means for a bookshelf per Yeshiva Bochur with a plaque L'ilui Nishmas and further Seforim, computer, software, bar code reader. We'd like this lending library up and running by the end of Shloshim. The 30 day campaign ends just before my late father's 30th Yartheit. I'm sure he wont mind if we add merit for other Neshamot taken too young to the lending library we are doing in his merit and the merit of my grandfather and brother-in-law.

So far we have had a pledge for US$50, a donation for US$60, some offers for further books and some other potentials. What can you do to help us reach our goal? Can you make a donation? Can you donate any Seforim? Do you have time to help us stamp the books and ensure they are ready? Do you have time to help make phone calls to help us reach our goal? Can you share the link to this post and or the crowd funding campaign? Have you had experience working in a lending library and if so, can you offer input as to most suitable bookshelves to purchase at the best price?

If you would like your contribution to go specifically to the merit of one or all 3 of the boys or for the merit of a loved one of your own, do be in touch.

Thank you for your kindness and any way in which you can assist us to develop further and reach our goal of having our lending library up and running by end of Shloshim. We currently have 26 days to go and only 1 confirmed donation.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Bringing Happiness to a Jewish Mother!

What do you do when you see a post of a request to assist Jewish mothers in Israel? 

Do you get upset? Do you look if you have items to donate? 

There are in fact a myriad of options as to how one can respond. We recently put out an appeal for clothing, books and toys in excellent condition only. The items are to be sold on a Yishuv and the money received would go into our Bayit Chadash Gemach funds. The Gemach is dedicated to assisting orphan Chatanim and Kallot. We were very touched by the response that follows.

One Olah Chadashah and mother contacted us to know further details of our latest appeal. When she heard about one of the mothers who will benefit from items sold at the upcoming sale - she was touched! This mother is an Olah who works hard but does not earn enough to assist her family. She had lost her father a number of years ago and hence lacks a father to assist her in difficult times. When she heard we were looking into options to use her skills through our Bayit Chadash Gemach, she was touched even more! She asked about the ages and needs of the children.

It was not long before we received a call to meet her to collect some items. So it was that we were presented with these 3 bags of boxes of brand new clothing. From the bags you can see that quality clothing had been purchased.

In the image below you can see the boxes that the bags contained.

Within the boxes we were so touched to find these carefully selected garments for 3 Jewish children. Some for Shabbat wear and some for weekday wear.

We notified the mother who was at a loss for words! As we prepare this post, we have just sent off the bags of brand new garments to their new home, along with some bags of items for our next sale. This one will be happening in the Gush, how appropriate in this current situation.

We asked the donor if she could share a few words as to what inspired her to go beyond selecting second hand items that her kids no longer needed and to actually purchase new ones. She responded as follows:

"When I read your post I wanted to do something... I thought about my children and I wanted to treat these families like my own. All kids love having new clothes and they take pride in their appearance. If I could do something this small to help I was happy too. Giving feels as good as receiving. Thank you for the opportunity to help." (~ Anonymous donor)

May the kindness showed from one Jewish mother to another help to tip the scales in favour of a Yeshuah (salvation) on all levels for Am Yisrael and the 3 teenage boys who have been kidnapped be home safely with their families.

If anyone else wishes to donate items to our next sale or to host a sale, please be in touch via our website or email us to coordinate. Please note, monetary donations are also welcome.

For those wanting to know more of our work empowering Jewish orphans at the time of getting married and empowering Jewish women in the role of wife and mother, please do be in touch. 

Monday, 19 May 2014

What are your thoughts on Giving an Orphan a Chance?

What are your thoughts about orphans and homeless people? Do you think they should be given a chance or should they just make do with what they have or don't have and strive to be happy with their lot?

We get a lot of criticism for giving brand new items to the orphan Chatanim and Kallot we assist. Many believe an orphan should just make do with what they have and if they don't have, well that is their problem. So we are told, but is this the right way to think? Is this the Torah way?

In the video that follows, you will find the ambition of an orphan who ended up on the streets, through no fault of his own.  Listen to his talent and let us know your thoughts. Is he worthy of being given a chance, or should he just strive to make peace with having ended up as a homeless person?

If you agree he is worthy of being given a chance, what would you do to help an orphan? What kinds of assistance would help him to achieve and use his G-d given talent for good.Does it really help the world if he is on the street and no-one gets to hear his beautiful singing?


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