Sunday, 14 December 2014

Our Library Begins

We've been working slowly and methodically to begin our lending library. We have one full bookshelf  (as can be seen in the image above) filled with interesting Seforim and are about to obtain a second bookshelf. We have many more books ready to be placed onto the shelves. We do still require software to catalogue the books correctly and a bar code reader. We are not really ready to lend the books out until we have everything categorised and all in order. 

In the meantime, yesterday (on Shabbat) while quietly doing some Tehillim and learning, we suddenly had a knock on the door. My husband got up to see who was at the door.

"Hello," he said, as he opened the door. "How may I help you?" 

"I'm visiting family N a few floors down from you and they said you are English Speakers. I wondered if you have an English book that I can borrow for the rest of Shabbos."

"Yes," Rabbi Shear replied. "It just so happens that we are starting a lending library with English Torah books. What kind of book would you be interested in?"

We listened to the type of book she wanted, went inside to select a few and came out with a bundle of about 8 options. She happily selected one and off she went to enjoy the rest of her Shabbos.

What a wonderful way to start our lending library. But now we have some areas we need assistance with. It seems there can be situations when our Israeli neighbours have an English speaking visitor who would like a book for Shabbos or just a few hours. What are your thoughts to arrange this effectively? After all, if we suddenly get many neighbours' guests coming on Shabbos to borrow a book, we cant write down the information of who borrowed which book and which neighbour they are staying with. We'd need a good plan and rules in place. If you have any thoughts to help with rules as we begin, we'd love to hear.

We also realise that our library would need to remain in-house or be close to us for these kinds of last minute Yidden. It's not so easy, as we did not have the light on in the room we have our library books in, this together with some books still being in boxes, made us select books for her. We look forward to being fully set-up.

Stay tuned for updates of our developing Lending Library Le'Ilui Nishmas:
  • Nathan ben Moshe a"h (my late grandfather who was Niftar at just 35 years)
  • Nathan Gershon ben Nathan a"h (my late father who was Niftar at just 46 years)
  • Dov Daniel ben Zelig Pinchas a"h (my late brother-in-law who was Niftar at just 44 years)

Friday, 12 December 2014

Mishnah in the Merit of a Dearly Departed Relative

Rabbi Eliyahu Shear has just completed learning Mishnayos in the merit of an Aliyah Neshama for the Yartzheit of a beloved grandmother of someone who turned to Chessed Ve'Emet for our Mishnayos programme. He completed an hour learning Mishnah together with commentary. You can arrange this for your loved one too. 

If you have a Yartzheit coming up for a parent, sibling, grandparent or someone else who is important to you and would like to be a part of bringing merit to their Neshama, please do be in touch with Chessed Ve'Emet. We have a special programme on the go, learning Mishnayos in the merit of your loved one. 

We invite you to visit our website where you will find all the information of how this works. 

Or visit our slide show presentation to learn more about why Mishnah is important to bring an elevation to the Neshama (Soul) of a dearly departed.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Pregnancy and Niddah

One of our readers wants to know about pregnancy and Niddah. During the first three months for the purposes of Niddah, the pregnancy is not yet confirmed. "From the beginning of the fourth month... if the woman had a Hargashah (sensation), checked and found nothing she is pure and we presume that bleeding has stopped" (Pages 14-15 Family Purity - A Guide to Marital Fulfillment by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs)

If a woman is pregnant or thinks that she might be and has questions as to whether a check (Bedikah) is necessary or not, the best thing to do is to ask a competent orthodox rabbi, expert in the laws of Niddah. Don't rely on what you find on the Internet. Every woman is unique and the best habit to get into regarding Niddah questions is to ask a competent rabbi expert in these laws to determine what you need to do according to your situation. 

If you are new to the laws of Family Purity and do not yet have a rabbi to consult, be in touch with Rabbi Eliyahu Shear from Chessed Ve'Emet. Rabbi Shear is both a Chatan teacher and has a Semichah in Niddah.


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