Monday, 30 March 2015

Is Typing Required for Crowd Fundraising?

While we are busily doing research to quantify our plan for our next crowd fundraiser, we had a question to yesterday's blog post. Someone asked whether this process requires typing. Well there are various steps to preparing for a successful crowd fundraiser. Certainly one needs computer skills in order to browse the internet and find the information you require in order to prepare for your crowd fundraiser successfully.

However, the information that you gather can be recorded in a note book, hand written or you can begin a word document or even an excel spreadsheet. It depends on how organized and detailed you wish to me and how skilled you are in use of a computer.

When you reach the stage of preparing your crowd fundraiser pitch you will require either a short video or good photograph and text to tell your story. The text part usually requires typing. If you are able to type, you can prepare this document yourself. If you have difficulty typing or are slow at typing you may wish to ask a friend or relative to type it for you. If you have limited vision or mobility, there are software programs such as dragon dictate that will assist you by your dictating the information to the computer to then type the text. If none of those options work and you require someone to type the information for you, you can hire a freelancer to type your information and edit it ready to be uploaded as a professional looking Crowd Fundraiser campaign.

If you are in need of typing, you are welcome to be in touch to have Chessed Ve'Emet type your information for you. If you require a quality photograph to use in combination with your Crowd Fundraiser campaign, we offer professional photography service too.

I hope this answers the question as to whether typing is required and provides a little more insight into the process too.

Have a blessed day

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Crowd Fundraiser Challenge Begins

We are preparing for another crowd fundraiser and doing a bit of research in order to be more effective next time around. On the first article that I read, it states that an organization that was successful, spent 200 hours preparing their campaign before they went live. That is quite a lot of preparation. Are you up for the challenge?

We have an idea to attempt to do research, planning and any other work that comes along with an aim to reach 200 hours before we go live. Thus far we have reached our first hour.

The first tip we have learned is related to planning. As with anything in life, you need to prepare well. Are you doing a crowd fundraiser or interested in the work we are doing at Chessed Ve'Emet in developing a Torah - Healing Centre? Either way, step number one is to begin by deciding what it is that you wish to do a crowd fundraiser about. Write down all the information you have including your financial goal. 

We have a bit of research to complete our own plan. We aim to keep you our readers posted as we progress.

Join us on the journey. Let us learn together and put this 200 hour preparation to the test. We need to find a good counter, in the meantime, we have another 199 hours to go.

Anyone ready for the journey?

If you enjoy the projects and developments of Chessed Ve'Emet, sign up for our newsletter on our website and we can let you know some info that we might not post in the blog but keep for our followers.

Join us for the next post and the next hour or two of preparation. 

This blog post is prepared for you by Shoshanah Shear of Chessed Ve'Emet

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Latest NEWS at Chessed Ve'Emet!

As Pesach cleaning is in the air, we have new developments at Chessed Ve'Emet.

Have you noticed our logo? Do take a look. We are very grateful for the creativity of the design and would love to hear from you.

In the meantime we have another development. Yes, the proof copy of our new book has arrived!! We're moving along and looking forward to sharing the latest development and progress. If you would like to receive up to date information of the development of this and further books, when it will be available for sale, information for book readings and more, do hurry along to our website and sign up for our newsletter. 

While you are looking at the front page of our website, you'll find a photo of the book. We still have a little work to do before it is ready for purchase, but we'd love to hear your comments. Do you like the cover? Are you interested in the book?

There is much in store and we are excited to share the news as it happens.

To view our previous post in this topic, please click here

Have a blessed day and thank you for your interest.

Shoshanah Shear of Chessed Ve'Emet


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