Sunday, 9 October 2016

New Kallah visits our Bridal Gown Gemach

We had a fun time a few days ago with a Kallah in our Bridal Gown Gemach. Out of the 59 dresses that we currently have available, she found at least 6-8 to try on and out of those probably 3 or 4 that she really liked. It was so interesting to see her enjoyment with totally different styles. It was also very satisfying to see that the bridal gowns look really good on an actual bride.

Each dress had a need for certain alterations, mostly as they are long and our Kallah was short. While our Kallah is deciding which style she prefers we'd like to invite other Kallot to come and visit our Bridal Gown Gemach. There is a selection of some very different gowns, all of them modest.

For those who have a busy schedule, you can book a package with us, rent your bridal gown and while you are at it, book your Chatan and Kallah lessons and have a relaxing session or two as well. Remember to let your friends know to come in and enjoy.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Bridal Gown Gemach.

Shoshanah Shear
Chessed Ve'Emet

Sunday, 25 September 2016

7 Lessons Learned from Popcorn

7 Lessons Learned from Popcorn
by Shoshanah Shear

Every item, object, plant, animal or person has a purpose. We have the ability to take any event or item and elevate it by contemplating the lessons one can learn or what positive purpose that item has in this world. Let us take popcorn as an example. Popcorn is actually quite an amazing food product.

1) Popcorn is quite versatile, add a little salt and you have something savoury, add some sugar or sweetening and you have a sweet treat. String some thread through it or add a bit of food colouring and you can have a decorative treat too.

2) Have you noticed the wonderful variety of shapes with each popped corn? Each one is different. I am not sure if anyone has photographed popcorn and compared the shapes to the next batch, but in every pot, bowl or box of popcorn every one is unique. If we stop and think about this. Every person is unique too. More than this, there is an abundance in this world. Just look at the variety of shapes in each popcorn! To me this makes me stop and think there must be a Creator to this world. Let's look at a few more examples as to why there must be a Creator and what we can learn about our Creator.

3) Looking at popcorn, I'd say our Creator must be filled with kindness. Imagine, you can have a dried cob filled with corn that has gone hard and yet, it is not a waste! Take those hard seeds, place them in a pot with a little oil and some heat and in a short time the corn will have transformed from a hard seed that could break your teeth to something that is soft, versatile, tasty and even nutritious. It's low in calories, high in fibre and contains beneficial anti-oxidants. Isn't that great kindness to us. On top of that, everyone, from the age that they are old enough to eat it, likes popcorn.

4) Popcorn gives us hope and inspiration for our potential to grow and develop. Think about it for a bit. Popcorn undergoes a total transformation once placed in a pot with a little oil and heat. If that is the good that can come out of a few hard seeds, think about the potential for every person who is filled with far more than the hard seeds are. If we apply ourselves correctly, we too can grow, change and develop to become who we are supposed to be and give goodness and happiness to the world.

5) Popcorn is quite magical and gives excitement to others. Once again I regard this as a kindness from our Creator. Mostly popcorn is yellow. We already mentioned the transformation of shape that takes place, but popcorn changes it's colour too and becomes a fluffy white that can accept any other colour when the food colouring mentioned above is applied.

6) Popcorn is such a gift. It makes watching a movie or attending a party so much more fun. For those who love popcorn at the movies, doesn't it provide the perfect way to occupy your hands and mouth while you settle into the idea of the movie? By the time you have finished your popcorn, you are absorbed into the story-line and able to concentrate despite sitting still for a long time.

7) Personally, I think popcorn is one of those items that proves there must be a Creator. What scientist or other person would be able to come up with an item that has so much that it offers. Who would be able to make such a total transformation in terms of consistency, shape, colour, texture and to come out with variety, positive lessons and nourishment too?

Next time you enjoy your popcorn, consider all the wonderful lessons that simple popcorn offers. What a wonderful way to elevate your healthy snack and use that time for good. Let the food for thought fill you with inspiration and motivation to apply your skills to something positive and productive.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Remembering Who We Are as Rosh HaShanah Approaches

It's Elul and with just over two weeks to Rosh HaShanah, there is much work to be done. Are you aware of the work required during the month of Elul? How are you progressing with your introspection and inner reflection? Is it helping you to do Teshuvah? Are you managing to revise your goals for the coming year?

Whether you are aware of how we as Jews should be spending Elul, whether you are struggling or even if you are very involved in preparing for Rosh HaShanah, the video below produced by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks is important to watch. It takes almost 6 and half minutes to watch but the content is packed with meaning and very moving.

 "Why I am a Jew" ... a message for everyone.


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