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Explanation of Leiv Esther

LEIV ESTHER - The Services for Women through Dira B'Tachtonim

In the commentary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe on Parsha Shmini, the Rebbe explains that there was 7 days of preparation for the Inauguration into the Mishkan. This Inauguration which took place on the 8th day, provided a dwelling place for Hashem's Shechina in this world. In the same way during our years of Exile we have work to do in order to prepare for the Final Temple. The Lubavitcher Rebbe explains that our preparation while in Gulus is Acts of Goodness and Kindness.


Queen Esther, the original Esther, provides a powerful example of the ultimate acts of goodness and kindness. From the Purim story we see how she was prepared to sacrifice her own happiness for the higher good of her people, Am Yisrael. We see that she had the insight to know that prior to approaching the king, she needed to prepare herself which she did through a 3 day fast and tshuva (repentence). At the same time she inspired each and every Jew to do the same, thus coming closer to Hashem, the ultimate King in order to effect a positive change in this world for the betterment of all.

The Womens section of Yeshivas Dira B'Tachtonim is named after two very special people, Yehuda Leib ben Devorah and Esther bas Nachum Dov Ber z"l, reminding us of the message within the heart of Esther. This other Esther, i.e. Esther bas Nachum Dov Ber z"l set an example of the importance of spreading goodness and kindness. She loved poetry and had a keen eye for and appreciation of art, music, hospitality and nature and through this gained a wonderment of Hashem's creation and creativity. This Esther loved to teach how to behave in this world through anecdotes and poems. One of her favourites was:

"I shall pass by this way but once

Therefore any goodness that I can do

Or any indness that I can show

Let me do it now.

For I shall not walk this way again" Anonymous

Esther bas Nachum Dov Ber z"l lived as best she could by this teaching and taught it to her children and grandchildren. Another saying we often talked about was "Reach for the stars and you might just get to the moon."

Esther bas Nachum Dov Ber also taught her children the art of the Jewish woman in developing a beautiful home. Her home was always neat, tidy, clean and filled with love and hospitality.

Her husband Yehuda Leib or Leiv as in this title, is a scientist and artist. Combining the artistic talent that comes from the heart or Leiv and the poetry, you will find many paintings and other arts and crafts available for sale. Many of these paintings have messages that accompany them. Others have Tehillim and motivational sayings on the art or photography itself.

Following the theme of how to improve ourselves as Jewish Women in order to enhance our acts of goodness and kindness and our role as home maker, Leiv Esther offers a few services specifically for women:

5) GIFTS FOR CHAGIM AND SMACHOT ( for an idea of examples view our on-line album at )

For more information regarding any of the above services, please email

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