Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Gifts / Artwork available for sale

If you are looking for unique gifts to give a loved one or friend of a birthday, special occasion or just wish to add something beautiful to your home, please contact us to purchase or to order your personalized gift.

Amongst the many options for gifts, you will find:

  • Hand designed / drawn or painted greeting cards
  • Hand Painted cushion covers / underwear pouches for a ladies drawer
  • Hand Painted T-shirts (we can also paint on other garments)
  • Beautiful Fridge Magnets containing photographs by Shear Success Photographers together with an appropriate Pasuk
  • Drawings and Paintings, all original work available for sale
  • Photographs of various sizes available for sale
    • the paintings and photographs are perfect to enhance your home or office space or as a gift to a new couple or someone moving into a new home.
  • Gift package selected and beautifully arranged according to the needs of the simchah, occasion, needs and tastes of the person ordering.
  • Gift Voucher for a woman to experience a relaxing massage and healing session, leaving her feeling special and at peace
Please take a look at the relevant albums in our on-line album:
  1. Fridge Magnets
  2. Mishloach Manos
  3. Shoshanah's Art
  4. Other beautiful images under nature etc in our on-line album

You are welcome to email Shoshanah to make an appointment or discuss your unique needs for your gift to: shoshanah.s@gmail.com

The Gift Packages and gifts can be collected, or we will deliver to anywhere, at a delivery cost and or shipping

Please note that the proceeds of all gifts and art work go to the runnning expenses of Yeshivas Dira BeTachtonim. As a result, any gift that you purchase through us will have included in it the spiritual gift of supporting Torah learning in Eretz Yisrael that is also disseminated to Am Yisrael outside of Eretz Yisrael.

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