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Tehillim Group - Uniting Women around the World through Prayer

There are a few beautiful teachings that have lead to our Tehillim Group. Our Tehillim Group is a little unusual as it is not held in one place, rather, women join in from wherever they are, thus uniting in Tehillim around the world.

Let us take a look at these teachings and then offer another thought on this service / group and information as to how we operate.

We are taught that:

  • The Final Redemption will come through the merit of Righteous Jewish Women

  • There is power in prayer said in a group

  • There is great merit to reciting the whole sefer Tehillim in one sitting or session

  • If one davens for another Jew who needs the same as you do, then your prayer is answered first.

  • If we only knew how powerful the reciting of Tehillim is, we would spend all our time just doing Tehillim.

We have combined all of these concepts together with the realization that in today's time, people have busy schedules and can not always make it to someone's home or a venue to join together in saying Tehillim. Thanks to modern technology, we offer for Jewish women around the world to participate in this beautiful and powerful mitzvah. After just a few months, we already began to hear of movement for those on the list in a positive way. We are therefore trying to make this a more regular service.

If you, a loved on or friend is in need of tefilloth (prayer) for Refuat haNefesh and Refuat haGuf (a healing of body and soul); Parnassa Tova (a good livelihood); A Shidduch; Shalom Bayis; or any other assistance from Heaven, please send their Hebrew name together with the Hebrew name of their mother to be placed on our list. Please note, there are many Jews in need of prayers and we do aim to complete the Sefer Tehillim each time we daven for all on the list. For this reason, we ask that everyone who sends through a name, also agree to say at least one kapitela of Tehillim for all on the list. If you send through many names we will ask you to say more Tehillim.

For Jewish Women and girls: please let us know if you are able to say a few Tehillim for all those on our list. Please also state if this is for a specific Shabbat or as a regular participant.

When: We had tried reciting Tehillim on a week day and found that some have work, some are taking care of children, everyone is busy. For this reason, the Tehillim is being moved to Shabbos, a day of rest and specifically set aside for Torah learning and increased prayer. Shabbos Mevorchim (the Shabbos preceding the New Month) is a special time to say Tehillim. As a result, we make a special effort for Tehillim on every Shabbos Mevorchim. Other than this, we try to do Tehillim on other Shabbosim. The more we have those who are able to committ to regularly doing Tehilim the easier it will be to have this as a weekly group.

If you will be in Beitar Illit on any Shabbos that the group will be taking place, please contact Shoshanah to come in person.

We prefer that those who join us with the Tehillim, also recite all the names on the list. The Tehillim list used to be sent out by Thursday at the latest, preceding the Shabbos concerned. It is now posted onto our website where you can find the names each week. Please send any information by Wednesday to help us to compile the list and send it out.

If you have not received your list by Thursday night, please send an email to
Please note that any names or enquires received after the list is compiled will be held over to the following list. In addition, I stop checking email by 12 noon Jerusalem time on Wednesday's, so please do not expect any reply or any names put onto the list after this time.

If you are unable to print out the list, if you can, please read through it in advance and have in mind that your Tehillim on Shabbos will be for those on this list. If you can not do this either, please do keep in mind before starting your Tehillim that you are saying it for all on the list arranged through Leiv Esther, the women's section of Yeshivas Dira Betachtonim.

Please also make sure that you have all your information, which Tehillim you will be saying etc ready for you prior to lighting your Shabbath Candles so that you are not breaking Shabbat to check what Tehillim to say or for whom. If you do not yet observe Shabbos, please do respect this and let it be the first thing you do in honour of our Holy Shabbath. If you have forgotten to write down which Tehillim to say, you can open your book of Tehillim at random and say a few Tehillim, keeping in mind this will be your Tehillim for those on the list.

If for any reason they did not correspond, you can email me after Shabbat. If your prayer was with honest sincerity and you are being careful not to desecrate Shabbath by checking the computer or something that might be forbidden, Hashem can use your prayers to help make up the book. It might sound strange, but ultimately, G-d is in charge and an do anything.

Regarding the list: The list is drawn up new each week to make sure that we daven only for those who need it and for what they require. We are taught not to daven for a healing for someone who has already received it, lest they return to a situation of needing another healing. We therefore ask you to notify us each time someone's name is appropriate to have on the list.

If there is any change, please let us know so that we can make the appropriate change to the list e.g. if someone on the list for shidduchim gets engaged, please let us know so that they can be changed from shidduchim to success in preparing for chuppah and building a Bayit Ne'eman B'Yisrael. We also are aware that change can be in a direction we had not expected or wanted. If therefore, someone was on the list for a refuah and their situation worsens, G-d forbid, please let us know to change the category and increase in prayer. If someone passes on from this world, we do want to know this too to change the category to help them with an elevation of the soul.

If you have any feedback or comments, please send them through to the blogspot. We will try to take comments into consideration.

We look forward to hearing good news for Am Yisrael.

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