Monday, 28 July 2008

EXCITING One Day Workshop - Making the Most of Elul in Preparation for Rosh Hashanah

As Tisha b’Av is fast approaching, it is appropriate to begin thinking of the time ahead. Following this difficult day, comes a period of much introspection and preparation for what will be in the coming year. Indeed the two letters for the month of Av – Aleph Beit stand for Elul Ba – Elul is coming – a sign to begin preparing already for Elul and the upcoming festivals.

Leiv Esther is offering an exciting program for women, providing the opportunity to discover the kind of woman they wish to be for the coming year - what areas they need to work on during Elul, what goals and action plans can be set for the New Year that is fast approaching. We will also look at how we can best utilise our role as Jewish women to help in hastening the Final Redemption.

This fun, creative, action packed day will take place on

Wednesday 13th Augsut 2008

We will begin, G-d willing at 9.30 a.m. with introductions, signing-in etc, followed by some creative exploration. We will break for a delicious brachah party for lunch, followed by more exciting activities and will end our day at 4 p.m. (bli neder)

With some Torah thoughts to inspire us, we will draw on a range of exercises using our inner, creativity to become more of who we are. Just as a flower opens up, revealing its true and inner beauty, so too, through these exercises and thoughts of what to do during the month of Elul, we aim to help you as Jewish Women to open up to be who you really are. In this way, may we build the vessels necessary to receive brachah in every area of our lives for good, a good that is revealed, manifest and visible.

Where: The workshop will take place in our Yeshiva, in the beautiful setting of Beitar Illit, overlooking the hills that surround Yerushalayim.

Cost for the day is NIS 250 including the lunch.

Pre-registration is essential. Please book early as space is limited.

To book your place please email or call 052 767 7074

For those worried about credentials, Shoshanah is an experienced occupational therapist, healing facilitator and motivational speaker. Part of her training includes Life-Skills training and use of creative methods of personal development. She enjoys combining her skills and professional experience to assist her fellow Jewish woman to fulfil her life roles and true potential.

Please note, if you read of a workshop that you like the sound of but can not attend on the day it is scheduled, please do email Shoshanah to enquire as to when it will take place again.

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