Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Help us to Build the Beis HaMikdash by Making Appropriate Shidduchim

There is a teaching that when a Chosson and Kallah come together under the Chuppah, it is as though a stone is being prepared in the building of the Beis HaMikdash.
Help us to build the Beis HaMikdash by bringing Jewish singles together with the partner that is best for them.
If you are single or know any Jews who are single, please be in touch with us to fill out our shidduch questionnaire so that we can increase our database and help with Shidduchim.
Also, please send in the Hebrew name together with that of the mother’s Hebrew name to be put on our Tehillim list. Please look at our information on our Tehillim group for further details.
Please note there is a nominal registration fee to cover the time of processing information on each new Jew put on our database. This also covers the time and expense of checking references, many of which require long distance phone calls. We do however give time and care to helping in every way we can that you can marry the person who is most likely to help you build the Bayit Ne’eman best for both of you.
We also offer personal development either individually or in groups for those who are interested.
Some people have asked how many are already on our database. For this we have 3 answers:
1) Each person only needs one correct shidduch. If we had 100 or more who are not the right one, it really does not matter if it is one or one hundred. The point is we are looking for the right one.
2) The more Jews who are single that go through the registration process, the more our database will grow and the easier it will be to connect you with your life partner (zivug). So please email us at either shoshanah.s@gmail.com or rebeliyahu@gmail.com
3) Hashem is the One who really makes ALL shidduchim. We as humans have a responsibility to put in our effort, but ultimately it is up to Hashem. We do not know which specific kind of effort will be the one that is required from you. For some it is one shidduch; for others it might be connecting with the right families so that you meet at a Shabbos table, for others it is going on many, many dates, for others it will be more in the area of prayer. For this reason we offer both prayer in the form of our Tehillim group and practically in putting your details on our list. For those who require some kind of personal development either to gain in self-esteem, or to learn skills to improve their dating process or guided visualization, or increasing in Bitachon (faith). We at Yeshivas Dira BeTachtonim do what we can to help make your shidduch experience easier and as enjoyable as possible. However, ultimately it is up to Hashem to guide the two of you together.
It is true that today you can subscribe to numerous Internet dating services, both free and paid. Many feel that they prefer to be on such a service. Please know, however, that the difference between a service like that and ours is a personal touch. In our case there are real people looking at the emotions, feelings, needs, values and interests of real people as opposed to a computer print out revealing certain basic information without knowing anything about the person themselves.
Please also note that we do what we can to obtain authentic information, whereas it has been known that many posting information on the Internet set up false photographs and data.
We also add the personal touch of davening for all those on our database which the Internet does not provide.
Although the only one to know all the information of all involved is Hashem, (even someone with Ruach HaKodesh at times has information hidden from him / her), we do what is humanly possible to check out both parties and to keep in contact to help iron out any potential difficulties.
May all Jews of marriageable age who are still single meet their true zivug, speedily, in a beautiful manner and come to Chuppah. May your marriage be a joyous, wonderful experience and may the two of you together build a strong and lasting Bayit Ne’eman B’Yisrael.

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