Sunday, 6 July 2008

Progress of our Tehillim Group

On the 9th March 2008, this specific Tehillim Group began. The idea was for women to come together once or twice a month at the Yeshiva to recite Tehillim in a group. After the first posting for Tehillim, it became evident that there many women interested who could not get to the Yeshiva - either they lived too far away or they had other committments but could take 10-15 minutes to recite Tehillim.

The Group predominanty took place the Sunday closest to Rosh Chodesh. Though efforts were made to co-ordinate this more than once a month, Chagim made it difficult. For those attending the group in person, the Tehillim was followed by a Brachah party.

Very quickly three developments took place:
  • There were so many names submitted for Shidduchim that Yeshivas Dira BeTachtonim decided to begin a Shidduch Service to offer practical assistance as well. With Hashems help the data base is growing steadily. For more information, please take a look at the information on our Shidduch Service or email either of the following email addresses: or
  • In addition some women began asking why the group met on a Sunday afternoon. Some women work on Sunday mornings, some outside of Israel have Shiurim on Sunday morning and some women are involved with their children in the afternoon. To take the second point into consideration, the Tehillim group has been shifted to Shabbos and now takes place every Shabbos during daylight hours, i.e. from midnight to sunset on Shabbos.
  • The Brachah party has now been separated from the Tehillim to become its own service.

I am very greatful to all those who have participated. With gratitude to Hashem, it is very heartwarming to let you know that this last Shabbat we had over 60 women participate from Israel, Canada, USA and South Africa with potential for some to join us from the UK as well. If all the women recited the Tehillim that they agreed to, then we managed to complete the Sefer Tehillim twice and up to Tehillim 50 the third round. Thank you so much to all women who have participated. May we continue from strength to strength.

Some women have asked if there will be feedback on those we daven for. Thus far I can say I have been told that Jews whose names were sent in for shidduchim are now preparing for their Chuppah. One woman who was in her 90's and very ill, died peacefully shortly after her name was placed on the list and her name was then changed from Refuah Shelayma to Aliya Neshama.

The list is drawn up anew each week to make sure that we only daven for those who really need it. Please send in your names by Wednesday at the latest to enable the list to be sent out to other women.

Please note that since we now recite Tehillim on Shabbos, we can no longer make a specific appeal. After enquiring from several rabbis we learnt how to continue with the Tehillim on Shabbos, and the wording is sent out together with the list of names. In this way we now ask that in the merit of the Tehillim and the holiness of Shabbos, Hashem remember those names on the list for the good, a good that is revealed, visible and manifest.

In doing so we also extend our faith that Hashem knows what is best for each person. In this way, someone that we think needs a shidduch might in fact require a refuah first or a change in work or something else in order to open the way for the appropriate shidduch. We therefore are davening on a higher level as we hand the outcome completely over to Hashem.

The list of women who wish to participate with the same set of Tehillim each week is, thank G-d gradually increasing. Please do let us know if you wish to participate each Shabbos.

Please also send in progress from the Tehillim for anyone whose name is placed on the list. In this way you will help to give the group encouragement that there is positive change for those we daven for.

Please also note, if you have not received your list by Thursday night, please email immediately. There are times that many women send in enquiries and hence much work to be done to encourage new women to join in the Tehillim.

Please note, all work is stopped at midday Friday in order to prepare for Shabbos. Please do not wait minutes before Shabbos to ask for your list as your email will only be received after Shabbos.

If for any reason you did not receive any information in time, please do join us, by opening your sefer Tehillim and doing however many Tehillim you can manage.

Many thanks to all you wonderful women who recite Tehillim on a regular basis.

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