Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Soothe and Heal Your Pains with Products of the Dead Sea

In the Desert of Eretz Yisrael, situated below sea level, is a fascinating sea. The English term for this sea is the Dead Sea due to the fact that there are no fish or other live creatures in this sea. The Hebrew name for this same sea is Yam HaMelach or Sea of Salt, due to its high concentration of salt.

Contrary to the English name which alludes to this area being dead, Yam HaMelach has a very high concentration of wonderful minerals each of which offer amazing healing properties and benefits. So it is that various companies surrounding this wonderful area of Eretz Yisrael have made up various products thus making available to the general public the healing benefits of Yam HaMelach.

The mud from this area is known to assist in a number of skin ailments and to relieve the pain of muscles and joints. When heated it is very soothing to those suffering form arthritis.

The salt, if placed in a bath or a foot bath offers the relief from a build up of toxins in the body by drawing them out of the system.

There are also various other products including shampoos, moisturisers, foot cream, hand cream and more.

So if you are in need of relief from any of these ailments or seeking an unusual gift for a loved one, head on over to Leiv Esther Blogspot or Shopping for Goodness Store and take a look at the section of health. Here you will find a number of the Dead Sea Products available. One of the many magical gifts available from this special land of Israel.

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Herman said...

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