Friday, 17 October 2008

Torah + Prayer + Charity = Salvation

There are several people who have requested for names to be kept on our Tehillim list indefinitely. This poses a problem as at the blink of an eye, Hashem can send a Yeshuah or major change resulting in there being no further need to daven for the person.

We do, however, acknowledge that there are situations that cause us to be concerned about our loved ones. We want to do all we can to effect a change from above. If you find yourself in this situation, whether someone has been given a difficult diagnosis, or is in a problematic relationship, or has a difficulty with work or Parnassa, (income) - whatever the situation, there are other ways in which you can partner with us to make a stir from below, thereby making a statement that we want a change for the better from above in the merit of the person concerned.

These are the areas in which we can help:

- For $18 per name submitted, we will go and daven at the graveside of a Tzaddik. Which Tzaddik we go to will be determined in part by how much you contribute, as there are costs involved for transport etc. We are currently closer to the Imrei Emes and Pnei Menachem (Rebbes of Ger), Kever Rachel (and possibly even Chevron) than we are to Meron, Tiveria or Tzfas. We are very happy to Daven at each of the Kevarim but need the transport costs covered.

- Contribute $9 per day and we will do an hour’s Tehillim and Tefillah (prayer) in the merit of the loved one for either a month ($270) or 40 day period ($360).

- We will study Chassidus, Kabbalah or Mishnayos at hourly periods in the merit of a loved one – one hour during daylight $18, or for an hour after Chatzos at night (i.e. after midnight) – $36. Likewise, for an entire month i.e. 30 days would be $270 for daytime learning or $540 for night-time learning. Please feel free to select the amount of days to learn consecutively. Many people prefer 40 consecutive days.

- Sponsor an article on or for $100 in the merit of a Refuah or Yeshuah for a loved one (or for an Aliyat Neshama.) If you have a special topic, we are happy to research and write regarding this issue.

Your contribution has the double merit of creating an awakening from below to affect an awakening from above, as well as supporting Torah scholars wishing to further their own Torah learning and settle and be successful in living in Eretz Yisrael.

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