Thursday, 27 November 2008

Please Help to Strengthen Jewish Women

It recently came to my attention that there are women in Eretz Yisrael who are unable to pay to immerse in a Mikvah. Immersing in a Mikvah is an important part of the Mitzvah of Family Purity. Women have just 3 main mitzvos that are specially observed by them, of which Family Purity is one.

The cost of immersing in a mikvah is on average NIS 30 a time, or just under $10. Please help these women to be able to continue this important mitzvah by making a donation to cover their immersion for this month.

If you are able to give anything, a few dollars, or $20 or more, the money will, bli neder be distributed to mikvaot and or to women who would benefit from this. Please make a donation via the donate button on this blogspot and specify that the donation is to assist women to fulfil the mitzvah of Taharas haMishpachah.

Rabbi Fishel Jacobs who wrote the book Family Purity is in the process of writing a letter regarding this need. This letter will be available to anyone who requires it and, G-d willing, will be uploaded onto the blog as soon as it is complete.

May your assistance to women in need in Israel help you in turn to have a strong family with healthy, happy children who have Yirat Shamayim. May it also go to the merit of saving and protecting Am Yisrael and especially the Jews in India right now.

For this Shabbos, we are calling for more women to join our Tehillim group to daven for the safe return of all the Jews affected in India. If you can say some Tehillim, please email us urgently.

Tizku LeMitzvos
Rebbetzin Shear

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