Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Chanukah's Light

Just as the miracle of Chanukah occurs through one small jar of oil, that last for 8 days and continues each year for another 8 days; so this poem is written with just 8 lines but a long lasting message.

The Chanukah Candles flicker with glee,
In the window, outside the door and on the balcony.
The warmth of their light touches the heart of all Jews,
Reminding us of G-d's love and the miracles that He shows...
To Jews great and small, and to all of creation;
To those who respect His special nation.
We're reminded that the day will very soon come,
When our Righteous Redeemer will bring us all home.

Poem written by Shoshanah Shear on the third day of Chanukah 2008.

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