Friday, 5 December 2008

Every Jew is Special and Important

It is just a week since the terrible tragedy that occurred in India. For the past week I have heard wonderful eulogies about Rabbi Gavriel and Rivky Holtzberg. From everything that has been said, this was certainly a special couple and deserves to be remembered and honored.

The eulogies almost all tell of how important our fellow Jew was to both Rav Gavriel and his wife Rivky. It tells of how much care they gave to their guests and to increasing unity amongst their guests. In keeping with this theme, we need to remember the guests of the Holtzbergs who also died in the Chabad House. Who were they? What brought them to India? Why do we hear so little of them?

Rabbi Bentzion Cromin z"l was a father of three, aged 5 years, 2 years and a few months old. He was said to always have a smiling face and to spend every spare moment in the study of Torah. Rabbi Cromin had gone to India regarding some Kashrut work he was doing. A circular that came around in Eretz Yisrael about him, stated that he had told his children he was just davening one more Minchah and Maariv, his suitcase was all packed and then he would be returning to his family in Eretz Yisrael. His body was found slumped over a Talmud, obviously learning Torah until the time came to go to the airport and return to Eretz Yisrael.

Rabbi Leibish Titelbaum z"l 38 years old was burried on Tuesday 2nd December 2008. His Eulogies took place in Mea Shearim, Yerushalayim and he was burried on Har HaZasim (The Mount of Olives). Rabbi Titelbaum was the father of eight children, his eldest had just had his Bar Mitzvah and insisted on eulogising his father. Rabbi Titlebaum had been in India to give a Heksher.

Yocheved Orpaz z"l aged 60 or 62 years was the mother of four and a grandmother. She was in India to visit some of her children and grandchildren. The fact that she took the trouble to spend time in the Chabad House shows how important Yiddishkeit was to her.

Norma Shvarzblat Rabinovich z"l - Age 50 was burried in Yerushalayim on Tuesday 2nd December 2008. Norma of Mexico had planned to make Aliya on Tuesday to join two of her daughters who had already moved here. Norma had travelled in India and had planned to fly to Eretz Yisrael on Monday, the 18th birthday of her son Manuel. Norma leaves behind her children, I am sorry, I do not have enough details on who they were or their ages.

If you know any stories about the lives of the guests that died Al Kiddush Hashem, please send them in.

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