Friday, 12 December 2008

Help and Unite Jewish Women

Over the past few weeks, there has been a call for an increase in Mitzvos. As we have learnt elsewhere on this blog, the Baal Shem Tov teaches that there are no co-incidences. Everything is directed by Hashem our Living G-d and Creator of All. Since this is the case, we can not ignore an important fact in the tragedy of Mumbai.

Three precious Jewish women gave up their lives for the sake of Heaven - Al Kiddush Hashem - Rebbetzin Rivky Holtzberg, Yocheved Orpaz and Norma Rabinovitch - Shvazblat may their souls rest in peace. We as Jewish women have Three main mitzvos that are special for women: Lighting of Shabbat Candles, observing the laws of Family Purity and Making Challah. In fact these mitzvos are so important that we are taught at the time of giving birth, a Jewish woman is examined in terms of the extent to which she fulfills these mitzvos.

Please help Leiv Esther to assist Jewish Women in the land of Israel to fulfill these special mitzvos. You can help by making a donation that will go either to help Jewish women in Israel to Light Shabbat Candles or to help them to fulfill the mitzvah of Family Purity.

"The economy is such that money is extremely tight for many families. Considering traveling expenses, and entrance fees, some wives simply do not have the money to immerse.

This would be a fund aimed at alleviating that problem "

Rabbi Fishel Jacobs, Author of the book Family Purity, a Guide to Marital Fulfillment. This book can be purchased through our Shopping for Goodness Store on this blog in the section entitled books.

Regarding the making of Challah, we do not as yet have a specific project set up, although we are playing with various ideas. In the meantime if any Jewish women who do make Challah have a really good recipe that works, please send it in to share with other Jewish women. If any Jewish women have tips on how to find the time to make ones own challah when there is so much that vies for our time, please send these in too.

We will be starting by helping 3 orphans and a widow. Any additional monies that come in after this will be distributed to other women in need, Be'ezrat Hashem.

Together may we help strengthen Jewish women and through the unity of Righteous Jewish Women may we merit the Final Redemption without any further delay.

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