Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Mumbai Memorial With Professor Velvl Greene in Jerusalem


Last night Chabad in Yerushalayim held a Memorial Evening to mark the end of the 30 days following the tragedy in Mumbai. The evening was held at the Sheraton Plazza, right opposite from the Great Synagogue in the Centre of Yerushalayim's New City.

After some light refreshments of cakes, cold drinks, tea and coffee, the evening began with Tuvia Bolton of Kfar Chabad, followed by some very moving stories by Professor Velvel Greene. The article that appears on my husband's blog, A Dwelling Place Below, really captures the essence of the message given over. One story not yet mentioned that caught my attention was Prof Greene's explaining to us of a science project he was involved in. The idea was to get humans out into space and to investigate life on Mars. Though some of the facts escape me, I was intrigued by one of the final points. The expedition into space was planned to take place over very many years necessitating someone to know and remember the concept of gravity in order to make sure that when re-entering gravitational forces they would know which direction to enter.

It all sounds rather complicated and yet simple at the same time if that is possible. It was however, Prof Greenes conclusion that was so thought provoking. Just like those going into space, need to always be aware of the effects of gravity and which direction is up even when not experiencing it, so we on earth, need to keep focused on our directions. Where is up and what is up. Of course, for us as Jews, that means remembering our role in this world, even and despite being in thick darkness.

This, said Prof Greene is what the Shluchim Rav Gavriel and Rivky Holtzberg accomplished. This too was the focus of their guests, all of whom were attracted to the light of the Chabad House and the important work that really is the work of every Jew in this world.

For more information, please do read the article by Rav Eliyahu Shear.

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