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Quality Photographic Service!

Mazal Tov! You are making a Simchah!

It could be a Bris, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Family get together – whatever the occasion, it is a happy event. Time and thought goes into planning the big day. Who will attend? Where will it be? What kind of invitations will be used or will all invites be directly via telephone or internet? What will everyone wear? How will you get there? The questions go on. The planning continues. All too quickly the big day arrives and even more quickly the whole special occasion is over.

Who came to visit? In all the excitement you can’t remember everyone who came.
Little Shimmy was so cute, did you see what he wore? Did you see how nicely he greeted….? Oh you missed it. Not to worry, it can all be captured on photograph and slide show for you to look back on and remember.

Did you see how nicely Shlomie and his brothers were helping? You missed it? Not to worry, it can all be captured on photograph.


In a religious wedding, the Kallah will have a thick veil covering her face from the time of the Kabbalat Panim until the end of the Chuppah. What did the Chuppah look like? Who gave the Brachos? Who stood near by? What happened all that time while she was hidden behind a closed veil? Ah, all of that can be captured and re-lived time and again through the photographs.

At most Jewish weddings, from the time the day begins, there are two events taking place pretty much until the time for the happy couple to go home. The Kallah wakes up, has a routine set out of preparing, reciting Tehillim, having her make-up done, her hair done, her sheital fitted if she will be wearing one, getting ready. If she is in Israel, she may go to the Kotel to daven prior to the Chuppah or the happy couple may go there at the end of the whole wonderful and special day. There is a whole build up to her and her direct family getting to the venue on time and then waiting patiently and praying while awaiting the Chosen to identify that the Kallah is in fact the one he had arranged to marry.

At the same time, the Chosen’s special day begins. He needs to get ready, perhaps go to the Mikvah, daven with a Minyan; perhaps he too will go to the Kotel at a different time to the Kallah or perhaps that will take place together later on. He and his family also have much to prepare to get to the venue on time. While on the Kallah’s side the Kallah is being greeted by family and friends, on the Chosen’s side there is a Tish taking place. There is much to do. The mothers need to come in and break a plate. Various documents are signed. Much takes place.

After the Chosen verifies that he has the correct Kallah, things once again separate. He is accompanied to the Chuppah with all the men while she waits a little, praying hard all the while until her turn comes to join him at the Chuppah.

Even after the Chuppah, once the dancing begins, in a religious wedding, the men and women dance on separate sides.

So much takes place; there is so much the family wish to share with one another. So many new memories that one wishes to hold onto and share with future generations.

Here is the great gift of photography of the event. In order to provide a complete, caring service, Shear Success Photographers offers a husband and wife team. We remember only too clearly our own special day and do what we can to help capture all the special highlights of the event. Since there is so much happening on both sides simultaneously, we offer a male photographer, Rav Eliyahu to photograph the men’s side. Being a Rabbi, Rav Eliyahu also helps with other behind the scenes details, like assisting a relative to follow the Hebrew or other texts that might be requested for them to read.

Simultaneously, Shoshanah photographs the women’s side. Again bringing other skills, Shoshanah does what she can to help the Kallah relax and feel special while having the appropriate support. For those who want it prior to the event or after the Sheva Brachos, Shoshanah offers a relaxation package for the Kallah and any other women in the wedding party. This consists of massage, healing, guided visualization, either one or the other or a combination of the choice of the woman.

I hope you are beginning to realise just how important those photographs with or without a slide show will be to capture all the special moments. Here we have a few tips for those attending the special event. While the style of Shear Success Photographers is to capture predominantly candid shots and not to interfere in the flow of the event, there are times that those coming to share in the Simchah can help to make it that little bit more special.


Whether it is a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Bris Milah, Chuppah or other event, keep an eye on where the photographer is. Whoever is photographing, please try not to push them or knock them. If you jump in front of the photographer so that you can see something specific taking place, yes you will enjoy that short moment, but you just might prevent the same special shot from being available to the happy family afterwards for the rest of their lives. Remember, the family pays for professional photographers. If you are a family member or friend who loves photography, that is great, but please do not jump in front of the paid photographer as in the end, you are wasting the valuable money being paid by the happy family.


You may be searching for the cheapest photographer to reduce costs. You probably will find someone who will do it for just a few hundred shekels (maybe even less!) Please keep in mind that cheaper costs might also lead to reduced quality. You may also feel the desire to bargain down your photographer. Maybe you are the type who just loves negotiating or to try to cut the price. For you it is fun. For the photographer there are still costs involved (and the job does not end at 12am midnight!) If you knock the price too low the photographer just might lose the enthusiasm and instead be worrying about all the hidden costs.

Please also realise that while you only see the photographer from the time s/he arrives at the venue you request them to come to, or from the time you get there if they arrive earlier, until they leave – this is not the only time when the photographer is working. In fact, work begins hours and days before the event in preparing the equipment (making sure there are batteries charged etc.) and work continues for days (and weeks!) after the event, including having to select the quality images, possibly edit images, print them and set them into an attractive album and deliver this to you. Even in the set up of the album, much time is involved in arranging the photographs into an album in the right order to best portray the whole story of the event. Of course the client only sees the photographer for a few hours, not realizing just how much work is involved – before, during and after the event.

If there is a slide show or any creative album as well, there is much work required in terms of editing, arranging, adding in music or deciding on effects.

In short the work of the photographer is not limited to the number of hours that you see them. Please realise this when you wish to pay only for the hours that you see the photographer.

Remember that although the event is over for you, the album does not simply miraculously appear the next morning all done up and ready to be delivered to you at the first Sheva Brochas! We all wish things would work so fast, but the reality is far from this. In fact, many photographers will take weeks and often a couple of months to put everything together – as they may well be doing other events as well and must juggle all the work going on – from taking images to having them printed and set up into albums – for each individual client.

Shear Success Photographers works as fast as they can to make sure that your images are indeed set up in an album as soon as possible. Please leave it to them to select the best images and put everything together – that’s what they do best! If the client becomes involved in choosing images (often having to work through over 500 images to select the best one’s) the process of finalising the album may go on for months and months on end! In fact, all of these issues should be discussed with the photographer *before* the event, in order to make the whole process as smooth as possible so that the album will be completed as soon as possible. Many clients wish to skip the process of meeting the photographer before the wedding thinking that this is not necessary and that everything will simply work out for the best. The more that can be discussed before the wedding, the easier and faster it will be to finalize the album afterward making sure that everyone – especially the client – is happy, not to mention making sure that the photographer knows which shots will be important to the happy family.

We hope that you found this information useful. Please do let us know if you have questions or would like a similar article written on another aspect of photography. We look forward to hearing from you and to sharing in making your Simchah or event special by capturing the meaningful moments into a photographic reminder of your special day and significant milestones.

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