Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Safe and Appropriate Toys for Children

Being a parent, carer or teacher of children is always a challenge and one area that one needs to pay particular attention to is what kinds of toys and games we give to our children to play with.

Will the toys help their progress and development or will they pose any sort of a danger? This is an important question to keep in mind. When purchasing toys and games for children, please keep in mind what materials, paints, dyes etc have been used in manufacturing the toy or game. Make sure any paints used are non-toxic and will not pose a health hazard. Keep a look out for any small parts or items that could either hurt the child or be swallowed. These are potential dangers and one needs to be extra specially careful with our special and precious children. As mentioned else where in this blog, prevention is better than cure, so please be careful with what toys you purchase.

Another factor mentioned is whether the toy or game will help the progress and development of the child. Keeping in mind what milestones are typically reached at a given age, will help one to determine what toy might be best suited to that stage of development. It is important to offer toys and games to children that suit their stage of development while posing just enough of a challenge to keep them stimulated and interested in what they are doing, but not too much so that they can still succeed.

I would further recommend that when choosing soft toys, other toys and games, that we make sure that the toys have a beauty to them and attractive colour. Please keep in mind that our children learn through play and that they learn from what we expose them to. If you are going to offer them beautiful toys, they will develop an appreciation of beauty and kindness. If, G-d forbid you offer them any toys that are not beautiful, you will be training their precious eyes to look at items that are not beautiful. Every interaction and every item offered to anyone and especially to our children has significance.

Please choose the play things for your children with care and sensitivity.

For a few ideas of toys and games that could be wonderful gifts for children, please take a look at our Shopping for Goodness Store. There you will find some toys that have been specifically selected for you. If you have any questions as to what might suit a specific child, please do contact Shoshanah, experienced occupational therapist. Shoshanah is always happy to offer consultations via email, skype, Live Person or of course in Person.

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