Thursday, 11 December 2008

Together We Can!

There is a teaching by the Baal Shemtov that we are to be as concerned about the physical well being of our fellow Jew as we are about our own. In fact he states that we are to see "your fellow Jews physical needs as if they were your spiritual needs and to see his spiritual needs as if they were your physical needs." We are also taught by the Rambam's laws of Charity that the highest form of charity is to help another to be independent, especially in terms of their livelihood.

Following the tragedy in India, there has been a call for us as Am Yisrael to increase in our mitzvos, increase in our acts of goodness and kindness and increase in our learning Torah. When one sits down to decide what can one do that would make this world a better place, many ideas one comes up with require some kind of money or resources. Whether it is raising money for the orphans left behind after the tragedy, whether it is helping other orphans in Am Yisrael. Whether it is helping a Kallah in need or giving out Shabbat Candles. Most ideas we come up with require that we also increase in what we give to others. In other words for us as Am Yisrael to really make the most difference, we really need more cash flow occurring within and amongst us, together with pooling of resources.

How can we manage this when we are hearing in the news that there is a financial crisis occurring? The truth is that if we just take a look at the abundance available in our world, there are many opportunities just waiting for us to tap into them and utilise their beautiful qualities to help in realising our potential.

But how? How can we possibly manage this? As someone reminded me just yesterday, the news tends to only portray the problems. How many newspapers and magazines are out there that have huge headlines of the latest act of kindness or the latest achievement that was accomplished after some challenge or just to be nice? Mostly they dramatise the problems and make one feel scared to continue pursuing ones dreams.

This is not the Torah way however. The Tzemach Tzedek, the Third Lubavitcher Rebbe used to teach us to "Think good and it will be good". So we see that remaining positive even if the news is telling us there is a world crisis financially, is a key factor in progressing. If anyone new the children's song of the little engine that could - the engine had to climb a large mountain. The story goes that the little engine was at first daunted but in the end it managed by telling itself while it proceeded on its journey "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can... until finally it ends, I knew I could!"

Being positive and reading positive information is a large part of the hurdle covered already. Now comes the fun part. As you will notice, if you visit this blog often, the internet is progressing rapidly in all manner of tools available to enable us to succeed. We can gather information, network with friends and make new connections, sell products and much more.

Now let us put these ideas together --. Yes, it is possible to help a fellow Jew to be financially independent and to realise his or her potential. Yes it is possible to consider the physical and material property or needs of our fellow Jew as much as our own. Yes there are ways that we can be productive, even when faced with hearing of yet another being retrenched or let go from their fixed, salaried jobs.

We at Yeshivas Dira BeTachtonim decided to do something practical to pool all these ideas. The result is the most wonderful, fun, entertaining, informative blog that will teach you the tools to create a good vessel to become financially independent. Hurry along to the following new and exciting blog

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Please be in touch by sending a comment to this post or on the new blog, by sending us an email or by connecting with us on Skype. Together let us make this world a fitting Dwelling Place for Hashem.

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