Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Book Stand - Shtender

If you are looking for a very special gift for someone’s Bar Mitzvah, someone getting married or someone starting some regular learning, here is the perfect gift.

This stunning wooden book stand is silver plated and adjusts to 5 different heights. It has a Hebrew verse engraved on the top in the centre. It will make your living room, study or office look beautiful, enabling you to benefit while learning.

This book stand measures approximately 14 inches long x 11inches wide. It stands on a regular table or desk and offers you the possibility to have your hands free from holding a book while reading, learning or studying. With the 5 different heights, you can adjust the book stand to suit your needs so that it eliminates stress on your neck.

May it bring much joy to whomever you purchase it for.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Shabbos Candles and Candle Sticks

Still in keeping with the theme of Shabbat, every Jewish home needs Shabbat candle sticks. The lighting of Shabbat candles is a tradition that began with Sarah our mother. It is said of Sarah that the candles that Sarah lit lasted from Shabbos to Shabbos.

The light of the Shabbos candles is something very special. It can’t be easily put into words, just how special this light is. Let us take a look at the following video for a little taste of what lighting a candle in the merit of Shabbos can do. Click here to view a video of the Lubavitcher Rebbe speaking.

As shown in the video, a little girl lit one candle in the merit of Shabbos. Married women generally light two candles, one for them and one for their husband. Many have a very beautiful tradition to light in addition to the candle for each of the couple, to light a candle for each of the children. Of course, once the girls are old enough, they will often take over and light their own candle. This leads to a married woman with children lighting many candles and hence requiring more candle sticks or holders.

It is customary to light either white candles or oil with a wick. There are many hallachos (Jewish laws) as to what wicks can be used, so please make sure to purchase candles and or wicks that have a Kosher symbol on them.

If you would like to sponsor packages of candles together with the brachah and Shabbat times to be given out in Yerushalayim, please email shoshanah.s@gmail.com

Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Shabbos Tablecloth

Everyday we are supposed to remember that we came out of Mitzrayim (Egypt). Everyday we are to consider as if we ourselves were taken out of Egypt, out of our particular slavery or bondage.

There is one day of the week that is a complete reminder of this. A day when all Jews are equal, no matter if you are a professor, doctor or other highly qualified person. No matter if you clean houses or streets or do some menial work. On Shabbos, all Jews are equal, putting aside the work of the week and focusing on acknowledging our Creator and that in 6 days He created the world and on the 7th day He rested.

One of the many events to take place during our 40 years in the midbar, the desert, was our contributing towards and constructing the Mishkan. There were many items that were created to be placed in the Mishkan, each of which had a special significance. These same items were later used in the Temple and will again be used when our Third and Final Temple is re-built.

One of the items was the Mizbayach or Altar, which had very special significance. It is here that we offered up our sacrifices to Hashem which in turn gave us atonement. Every sacrifice had to be offered up together with salt, hence the reason why we dip our bread in salt before eating it.

In today’s time, since we are without our Holy Temple, the table, that we place our food on to eat from, replaces the Altar. There are various teachings regarding the table and respecting it. However, when we prepare for Shabbos, the table in every Jewish home is typically adorned so as to be fitting to serve a feast for a king. It is customary to use a beautiful white table cloth to cover the table, the white representing purity, kindness and Chessed.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ramban's Commentary on the Torah - For Sale Here

The Ramban, Rabbi Moses ben Nachman also known as Nachmanides, was born in Gerona Spain in 1194 and died in Eretz Yisrael in 1270. He was an amazing rabbi who commentated on both Rashi and Rambam. Being well versed with all aspects of Torah, Ramban had a special focus on the mystical, philosophy and of course kabalah.

Those who know something of Torah, probably know that Rambam, Maimonedes was a doctor / physician. The Ramban who lived after Rambam was also a doctor and used to spend a certain number of hours in the morning consulting clients, enough to cover his expenses after which he devoted the rest of his day to Torah.

The story of the life of Ramban is a very inspiring one and well worth reading. For those of you who wish to add to your Torah library, and are looking for a little more than what Rashi offers, Ramban certainly will provide much food for thought.

Here in our Shopping for Goodness Store, we have a set of 5 volumes of the commentary on the Chumash written by Ramban. It has been translated into English, offering those who do not understand the Hebrew text to read it in the English. You can purchase it right here, and enjoy.

If you struggle with any of the ideas, please email Rabbi Eliyahu Shear and set up a learning session with him. Together you can dive into the depths of Torah, in this case through the eyes and insight of the Ramban or another commentator of your choice.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Living With Purim All Year Round.

We are very privileged to have Rabbi Eliyahu Shear of the men’s side of the Yeshiva do a special 6 week series of shiurim for women. It is a rare treat, so if you are a woman, in Jerusalem, do come and join us.

Location: The OU Israel Center, 22 Keren HaYesod Street, Jerusalem

Date: Every Sunday morning for 6 weeks starting 25 January / 29 Tevet

Time: 11h30 – 12h30

Cost: For members of the OU: 25

For non-members of the OU: 30

Lifetime members of the OU: FREE

No-one will be turned away for inability to pay.

Outline of Shiur Series:

The Shiurim will be based upon a Maamar of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi.

Purim is the only festival that will not be abolished in the Future World.

Come and learn the real meaning behind Queen Esther’s visit to King Ahashveirosh.

What were her two meetings all about?

Who really is the Queen?

And who really is the King?

What’s all the excitement about touching the sceptre?

Was this a once-off meeting, or is it perhaps a meeting each of us encounters on a daily basis?

To find out more, you’ll have to come to the Shiur.

Alternatively set up a learning session with Rav Eliyahu to learn with him one-on-one.

Making Life Easier - Scissors for Left Handed People

When assisting someone to become independent, occupational therapists are often asked to work a person to improve their fine motor skills. Amongst the tasks that one needs to carry out that will require fine motor skills is the use of a pair of scissors.

A very common mistake made by many is the difficulty a lefty experiences. Someone who is left handed is often sent to occupational therapy to learn how to cut correctly or how to use the pair of scissors. Did you know that a lefty (someone who is left hand dominant) requires a special pair of scissors?

The reason is that the blade is set up differently so as to cut with ease when placed in the left hand. A very simple trick but many just don’t think of it. Not until you place a left handed pair of scissors in the hand of a lefty and ask them now to try. Often this is all they need.

If you are looking for a pair of scissors for a lefty, you need look no further. We have some available in our section of the Shopping for Goodness Store that contains assistive devices.

Right over here you can purchase a pair of scissors for cutting hair by a lefty.

Unfortunately the cuticle scissors for lefty’s is currently out of stock, but check back with us to see when there will be more available.

For a regular pair of scissors for lefty’s to cut paper, try in your local stationary store. Many stores are becoming more familiar with the need and do now stock them.

If you or a loved one is left dominant and is experiencing other difficulties, please contact Shoshanah for a consultation either in person or via email or skype.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Please do let us know how you progress with this wonderful gift. Isn’t it amazing to have such wonderful people around who think of designing devices to help others?

Mikvah Funding Project - Helping Women in Need in Israel to Immerse for FREE!

On the 27th of November 2008, we began a very special Mikvah Project, obtaining the funds necessary to assist those women who are affected by the current economic struggle to immerse absolutely FREE.

We NEED YOUR HELP to make this happen...

Since the project began, we have obtained a letter supporting this written by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs. We have also had a few donations come in.

There have been a few questions as to how the project with function. Yesterday I spoke to the mikvah lady of the group of Mikvaot in Beitar Illit. After discussing the best way to co-ordinate such a project, she suggested that

gather the funds and give them to the kuppah of the relevant mikvah. She also informed us of how many women are in need of this assistance each month.

After sharing this information with Rabbi Jacobs, it was agreed that we focus on
one specific mikvah initially, this being in Beitar Illit, just next to Jerusalem. We hope, iy"H, to then go on and find sponsors for further mikvaot.

On average, in this particular mivkah, there are ten women a month in the extremely embarrassing situation of not having entrance money. We are looking to merit someone wishing to have this important mitzvah. This unbelievably holy mitzvah costs 400 shekels, which translates to $130 dollars, to assist all 10 women for one month.
As the Mikvah Funding Project progresses, we will, iy"H, add the information regarding which mikvah is assisted next and an estimate of how many women require this assistance each month.
"Anyone who helps other Jews purify themselves, will be purified, him, his family, and future generations, from the Source of purity Above," Talmud.
Please join us in this important mitzvah by making a donation right here. Remember even $1 helps enormously. Of course, if you have $130, this will cover the costs for the first Mikvah we are assisting for a month and we can then continue to help other women in Israel.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Enhance Your Room With Wind Chimes

Did you know that our environment has an effect on our health and well-being?

One aspect that is perhaps easier to understand is the extent to which our environment is neat, organized and the items one needs to use are easy to get to.

This is not all, a room that is decorated in such a way as to enhance the mood or create a specific atmosphere also has an effect.

Whether you are developing an area of your home to be calm and relaxing, a treatment or healing room or a patio, veranda or even in your garden, hanging chimes add a special touch. There are various chimes available and the sound differs depending on whether they are made of some kind of metal or wood.

Here on our Shopping for Goodness Store we have a lovely set of bronze-finished chimes manufactured by Woodstock Percussion. As the manufacturer explains, “These chimes pay tribute to one of the most musically rich periods in England's history. They are tuned to the tones of the Aeolian Mode, an extremely popular mode for romantic music during the reign of the Tudor family.”

If you are looking for something special to add to your home or healing room, or you are searching for a gift for a friend, head on over to our Shopping for Goodness Store.

I have had chimes in my own healing room for several years now and it is something special when the wind blows to hear the tinkling or gentle chimes.

Let us know how you find them. We love to hear feedback. If there is another item you prefer, take a look at other items on sale in our store or email us for some ideas to


Sunday, 18 January 2009

E-Z Lok Reacher Or Helping Hand - Helps Us Get to Items Out of Our Reach

As Occupational Therapists, we are often asked to recommend what we call assistive devices. Assistive devices basically are any item that assists a person to carry out a task that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to do.

One of the most common items that we recommend is often called a helping hand or extended reach. This very useful device helps a person to be able to lift up an item that has fallen or is out of their reach.

It is very helpful to someone who has a back problem, back pain or has had surgery that limits his / her movement. Any difficulty with ones knees that make it difficult to bend to pick up an item will necessitate help such as one can obtain from this reach. If you need to reach a garment from a high place when seated or in a wheelchair, this extended reach can be very useful.

If you or a loved on is having difficulty picking up small items or items out of ones reach, why not try this wonderful device. The one available here is 30" E-Z Lok Reacher - Self locking reacher with a trigger handle, solid grip, and flexible rubber cups that can pick up very small objects. It is easy to use, one-handed operation. The hand at the end expands 4.25 inches and can hold up to 5 lbs.

You can purchase the item right here, through this Shopping for Goodness Store.

If you have any questions as to whether this item would benefit you or whether another might be better indicated, please do email shoshanah.s@gmail.com and schedule a consultation with Shoshanah Shear, experienced Occupational Therapist.

Please do let us know if you found the item useful. The feedback will help others too.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Life In Israel During the War in Gaza

Recently I was asked what life is like in the war zone or during the war currently taking place in Gaza. I was asked as to whether I live directly in the war zone. The truth is that if you live in Eretz Yisrael, when a war occurs in any part of the country, all are affected. In this article, I would like to illustrate just a few ways in which my own life has been and is being impacted.

My husband and I are Olim Chadashim, currently living in Beitar Illit. We often hear planes flying overhead, but usually, Shabbos is quiet, except of course for the children and Shabbos Zemiros. Just two weeks ago, we were woken on Friday night by a strange sound. The planes were flying overhead, very low, very loud and at an unusual hour. Unable to switch on lights, we wondered what best to do.

We recited a few Tehillim, learnt a little Torah, and returned to sleep. The rest of Shabbos for us seemed like just another Shabbos, but no sooner had we completed Havdala than we discovered those planes were for a reason. The war in Gaza had begun.

Yes, we are in Beitar Illit and the war is in Gaza, but our lives too are directly affected. Firstly, I have a first cousin who some 20 or more years ago was stationed in the army on Kibbutz Nachal Oz. When she got married to a childhood sweetheart who had also been stationed on the same kibbutz, they decided to settle and build their home on Kibbutz Nachal Oz. If anyone knows the geography of Israel, this kibbutz is right there just near Gaza.

Although my cousin returned her soul to Hashem a few years ago, her widower still lives there and hears every sound of missiles and other events taking place. Thank G-d their three children are currently elsewhere in Israel, but each weekend, should they wish to return home for Shabbos, they have to consider whether it is wise to, or rather wait till after the war.

My aunt, my late father’s only sibling, lives in Ashdod. For quite some time we have been trying to work out when to visit. Of course now is not the best time. When I called her after the first rocket hit Ashdod, we talked about the situation. The rocket hit just 5 minutes away from her home. As the siren went off and they had seconds to run to their bomb shelter, they discovered that a neighbour had used the area for a storeroom. Rapidly they returned to stand in their passage, the only area free of windows, and hope for the best.

Winter had begun. It is really cold, and yet my aunt and uncle, pensioners who need to keep warm, were suddenly without electricity. True to the Jewish attitude, my aunt responded, “We will put on an extra jersey and wait for the electricity to be restored.”

A day later, again there was something in Ashdod. This time I asked my aunt what she would do when she needs to do shopping or run an errand. “Life goes on”, was her reply. “Yes we have to be aware of where we can run to shelter if we need to, but if you have to go out, you go out. On the good side,” she continued, “One of the best things of a stressful time is that everyone in Israel comes together.”

Being prevented from visiting family is just one area that affected us. However, our work too has been affected. Since I am in the process of setting up a private practice, a colleague suggested that I meet with someone who is needing an experienced OT for an expanding private practice in Ashdod. When I discussed with a friend the pro’s and con’s of considering working a few days a week in a position that would require 2-3 hours of travelling each way, her response was, “You CAN’T go now. No you can’t go now. Wait till the war is over and if the position is for you it will still be there.”

In addition to occupational therapy and alternative therapy, my husband and I are also involved in photography of Smachot. Just a few months ago, I gave a massage to a Kallah the day before her wedding. This Kallah happens to live in Beer Sheva and we have been working on how to meet up so that she can have another massage and consult with us regarding setting up a beautiful album of her wedding photographs. When the war in Gaza began to affect Beer Sheva, my first thought was of this Kallah.

We know others in the area too. To each of them we offer that they can come to stay with us if they wish to have a break from the war zone. Thus far their response is, “Thanks for caring, but life continues. We are OK. Yes there are a few rockets going off each day, but life continues.”

A few days ago, I had occasion to go into Yerushalayim. Travelling on the Egged Bus, two scenes caught my attention. The bus driver had the radio on, and the news began with a report of something taking place in Beer Sheva. Someone called out for everyone to keep quiet, and everyone did. There was absolute silence as a bus load of Jews listened to what was happening to our brethren in another part of Israel. As the report came to an end, those who had Tehillim out continued to recite Tehillim, others reached into their bags for Tehillim to say, some just sat quietly.

Later that day, on another bus, a comment caught my attention. The bus was crowded and one person shouted at another for wanting to get by to sit down. The response was not an argument, but rather an observation and request. “There is already a war in Eretz Yisrael, let us be peaceful.”

Each day I am sent names to add to my international Tehillim-group list – names of soldiers who have been injured together with names of others who need our prayers during this situation in Israel. Each day I hear another mitzvah project being set up to increase merit for Am Yisrael. Each day I hear of updates of the soldiers who have been brought into hospitals in Yerushalayim for medical attention.

A very beautiful project began to partner with a soldier and do Tehillim and Torah learning in their merit, davening to Hashem to keep them safe. We too, have joined this project and set aside a little time each day to daven for our soldier.

Each day I am sent stories of something taking place. Just yesterday a friend in Tzfas shared a story from an Oleh Chadash who made Aliya to Ashdod. One of the cutest has been the introduction to a shiur by a rabbi in Yerushalayim. This particular shiur is heard world wide via the internet. His shiur began: “Welcome from Yerushalayim and another typical war day.” My husband and I smiled at the irony with the expression and the reality.

The war might physically be taking place in the South of Israel and that is typically regarded as the war zone. However, a war in Israel affects all of Israel and so it should. Together we stood at Sinai and received the Torah. Together we unite to fight each war. Just as an entire body is affected when a person is ill (G-d forbid). The immune system sends out little soldiers to fight an infection or other ailment and the whole body is affected in some way or another. So too, during each war in Israel, no matter what part of the geography, we are all affected in some way.

Those outside of Israel think that only Israel is affected. Those in Israel may think that only Gaza is affected. The truth is, we – Am Yisrael, are in actuality all affected – by events happening even thousands of miles away.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

"Two Kings" by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs

Revolutionary Educational Tool Launched.

It took three thousand years! But, the truth is out! And now you can read it to your children, as well! And it's spreading fast! The powerful king is not so unstoppable. And the seemingly incapable man is actually a king! We are speaking about the two kings each of us has inside. The Bad King, is our selfish impulsive side, the yetzer hara. The Good King is our rationale, good side, the yetzer tov. But we all know that. Right?

It's not so simple. It took the author four years to develop this latest book series and for it to finally reach press. Finally, Two Kings is here and available now! Two Kings, authored by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs a well known Chabad rabbi and Halachic author, is being presented as a worldwide educational revolution evolving.

This Jewish book series features a young boy who is faced with a personal dilemma in performing something he needs to do. The Bad King and Good King, both depicted through heart-warming and beautiful colored pictures, each tries to influence the lad. Tensions rise as they fight for control.

The concept is based in Kohelet (9:14). The idea that the body is compared to a small city, over which two internal kings — the yetzer tov and the yetzer hara — fight for control, forms the central theme of Tanya (Chapter 9).

However, the presentation here follows years of development. The writing needed to be simple, understandable to young ages, yet applicable even to adults. The graphics needed to depict things in a chasidic way. The Bad King would not be despicable, or essentially evil. It would be rough, but able to be educated and refined.

Rabbi Jacobs said, "After years working with criminals inside the Israel Prison Service, I feel a real mission in presenting this series. Almost all of my criminals had one single character trait in common. They all thought their own impulses, what they wanted was ultimately more important than the well-being of their fellow man. The Two Kings series teaches us to always weigh our impulses against our rationale side. I believe people's lives will be enhanced by this educational series. And that is my reason for writing it."

More on the conceptual basis of the book series, instalment two is going to press in a few weeks.

A full range of educational items, games, DVDs and posters are in production.

Initial reviews worldwide have been overwhelming. We are encouraging anash to get copies of the first book while the first printing lasts. This book is available through various bookstores AND, you can buy it right now, right here.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Improve Your Child's Reading Skills - An Occupational Therapists Recommendation

One of the goals of sending children to school, is for them to learn and master the 3 R's, Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. I never could work out how you get 3 R's out of those, but still, that is the saying.
As an occupational therapist, one of our roles is to evaluate a child's development and help them to master the skills required to progress well at each level in school. The role of occupational therapy (OT) for the evaluation of development and treatment of learning difficulties has become more widely known in recent years. People have come to recognize that adequate motor development and fine motor skills will affect classroom performance. Some people recognize that development of perception also falls under OT what many do not know is that adequate eye movements are also crucial as are motivation and increasing imagination and creative thinking of our children.

Much of these are attained by placing the child in a play situation structured in such a way as to achieve the goal appropriate to the child. However, when it comes to helping a child to read correctly, the therapist, parents and children need quality books to read to and with the child. The book needs to be fun, interesting, something that will create and inspire in the children an interest both in reading and in mastering the skills to be able to read. Quality children's books both in terms of story line and beautiful illustrations provide an invaluable source of motivation to the children to succeed. They also provide the ingredients necessary to stimulate the development of imagination and creativity.

The children's books written by author Rosemary Kahn fulfill all of these goals. The stories are quite delightful and the kind of story that captures one’s attention, enticing us to want to keep reading so as to discover how the story unfolds and ends. Being an experienced teacher, Rosemary Kahn has given tremendous care to ensuring good usage of language, with clear easy to understand sentences. The language contains a combination of words that children generally know from every day life, intermingled with other words that assist them to increase their vocabulary.

As an experienced occupational therapist, I highly recommend the books of Rosemary Kahn. Some of her books are already out of print, however we have managed to source some outlets available on the net. Her latest book is available through this blog and directly from the author.

If your child is experiencing difficulty with reading, and you would like to consult with an occupational therapist, please email Shoshanah to set up an appointment. Consultations are offered either in person, via telephone, email or skype.
For more information regarding the wonderful books written by Rosemary Kahn, please visit her blog http://rosemarysbookcorner.blogspot.com

Monday, 12 January 2009

Shidduchim - Our Service and What You Can Do When Things are Quiet.

Thank you for your enquiry regarding our shidduch service.

I had thought that we clarified how our shidduch service works. Since we are still getting questions, here is another version to help clarify details.

We have some quality singles on our database and are always working to increase our database. In this way we help to maximize all those on our databases chances of our matching them correctly.

We have a very comprehensive questionnaire that we have compiled. The questionnaire is intentionally detailed as it helps to clarify for you what kind of home you wish to build and who would be best suited to share your life and your home with and also for us to know who might be a good option for you. We do not believe in just putting Jews together as they are both single, but rather to do what we can to make sure we are helping to develop suitable, strong, lasting marriages.

We have a nominal registration fee that covers our time to process the data and check references. If a shidduch is made, we ask $770 from the couple, as opposed to a fee per each side.

During the process we do stay in touch, offering chizuk and of course davening for you to successfully come to Chuppah.

We also have a Tehillim group with women around the world davening for a list that is drawn up each week. If you are interested, please let me know and I will send further details.

We have 2 other services related to shidduchim

1) We daven on your behalf at kivrei tzaddikim. This has proved to help some that we have worked with. For this we ask either $18 per name submitted, or if you want us to go specifically for you, we work out an amount that suits both of us. The cost covers our transport to the Kivrei Tzaddikim and also our time spent in tefillah devoted to you.

2) Personal development workshops either in a group or individually. These are offered either in person or via the internet. The intention of this service is to assist singles to clarrify certain details necessary to help them get married. Some require additional work to open up to marrying the right person, e.g. I had one single girl I worked with who unfortunately had a difficult situation as a child as was too scared of the touch aspect of marriage. She came for a series of massages to help eliminate her fear both physically and emotionally.

Others require some energy healing to remove blockages, or life skills training to improve self confidence, self esteem perhaps even their dating style.

One single who was really struggling to meet the right one, booked a 40 day prayer cycle. At the end of this she emailed saying that she had been engaged in the past and her fiance had broken the relationship very close to the Chuppah. This had kept her blocked on a certain level. Through the 40 day prayer cycle, this man made contact and let her know that some years after the break up, he was diagnosed with a condition and became disabled. She then realised that Hashem knows best and she would not have had the strength to help a disabled spouse. This knowledge freed her to date correctly.

I am aware that during the shidduch process, it can get confusing and frustrating during times that there are no potential matches being offered. Please understand that this does not equal a disinterested shadchan, relative or friend. They could be working very hard to find a suitable match for you. If there is a quiet space, take advantage of this time to check in with those shadchanim that you work with. A call or email to touch base is always a good thing.

Take some time to daven for your zivug that he or she be ready to meet you and to marry you.

There can be any number of factors that are delaying or blocking the right match from happening. Your zivug could be finishing a relaitonship or learning a section of Torah to prepare for getting married. Maybe they are away in another part of the world. Maybe they are helping a friend to get married. Maybe they are just discovering the wonderful world of Torah and mitzvos and need to open up to a new idea of the kind of home they want to build. We can list lots of maybe's. The important thing is to keep working on your Bitachon that Hashem runs the world and has not forgotten you.

Remember as busy as Hashem is, He makes sure every single day that the mountains remain where they should be, the rain falls where it should, the sun shines where it should, nature all over the world and on all planets in the creation are functioning correctly. When we stop to think, He really has a mamoth task. And yet, He still knows exactly who you should marry, where, when and of course why that person.

So if it appears as though things are not moving, talk to Hashem. Pour your heart out to Hashem. Remember, if you need more help, either read a sefer (book) that will help give you the confidence that Hashem really is the One who makes ALL matches or, send an email. We will be happy to work with you to help you discover what else you can do.

I hope this answers your questions as to our service. If you have further questions, please do email us to either shoshanah.s@gmail.com or rebeliyahu@gmail.com

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Are You Searching for a Special Book to Read With Your Child?

If you are a parent, a teacher or someone who takes care of children, you will probably find that at some point you wish to help the child in your care to learn to read. It is usually quite natural to want to sit down with a child and read a story to help quieten down for the night, to teach something or just for pleasure.

There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from books and finding quality books for our children is not always easy. If your child is very active and restless, the story line needs to be particularly interesting in order to capture his/her attention. If you are working on improving the child's own reading skills, it will also be important to find books whose content in and of itself provides sufficient motivation for the child to want to master reading.

Whether you have a child who is struggling to read, a child with a reading disability, or a child who masters reading so quickly that you need to keep providing more reading material, you will find what you are looking for in the books written by Rosemary Kahn.

Whether you are tutoring reading, teaching reading or just reading with your child, these books are filled with such delightful stories that you will be left asking for the next book.

Rosemary Kahn is a highly experienced teacher with her own love of literature. Her vivid imagination and beautiful usage of English is ever present in her books written for children. Whether they are school readers or a children's picture book, each book is the kind one wants to keep on reading, re-reading and then reading again.

Rosemary Kahn's latest book can be purchased right here and delivered directly to your door. It is only $15 including the shipping.

Hurry along and get your copy today. There are a limited number of copies – you don’t want to be without when ALL the copies are sold.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Approbation for Mikvah Project - Helping Women to Fulfill the Mitzvah of Family Purity

As promised previously, here is the letter of Approbation for the Mikvah Project written by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs. The original letter is seen above, since it is small, the text is copied below.

This is written on Rabbi Fishel Jacobs personal letterhead:

Rabbi Fishel Jacobs is the author of Family Purity – a Guide to Marital Fulfillment;
The Blech Book – Complete and Illustrated Guide to Shabbos Hotplates;

“With His Help
Tevet 5769

To whom is may concern,

It’s come to my attention that the cost of immersing in a kosher mikvah is a burden for some women. The entrance fee is, generally, held at a reasonable price, however those aware of the financial situation, particular here in eretz Yisroel, know that even this can be an obstacle for some wives. Not to mention periodic travelling or baby sitting expenses.

Rabbi Eliyahu and Shoshona Shear, a fine G-d fearing couple, has offered to accept contributions to help allay the uncomfortable situation some wives find themselves in lacking these funds.

They will be responsible for distributing any funds the public offers. And I attest to their dependability and wonderful intentions for the sake of Heaven.

I urge you to help raise this effort.

The following well publicized saying deserves reiterating:

Imagine you were given the opportunity to raise an entire Jewish city from destruction, G-d forbid. Of course you would do everything possible to do so, and be grateful for having being given the opportunity.

This and much more is the merit one has while strengthening Family Purity observance. It is literally saving lives.
- Yom Yom Nissan 10
Rabbi Fishel Jacobs”

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