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Approbation for Mikvah Project - Helping Women to Fulfill the Mitzvah of Family Purity

As promised previously, here is the letter of Approbation for the Mikvah Project written by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs. The original letter is seen above, since it is small, the text is copied below.

This is written on Rabbi Fishel Jacobs personal letterhead:

Rabbi Fishel Jacobs is the author of Family Purity – a Guide to Marital Fulfillment;
The Blech Book – Complete and Illustrated Guide to Shabbos Hotplates;

“With His Help
Tevet 5769

To whom is may concern,

It’s come to my attention that the cost of immersing in a kosher mikvah is a burden for some women. The entrance fee is, generally, held at a reasonable price, however those aware of the financial situation, particular here in eretz Yisroel, know that even this can be an obstacle for some wives. Not to mention periodic travelling or baby sitting expenses.

Rabbi Eliyahu and Shoshona Shear, a fine G-d fearing couple, has offered to accept contributions to help allay the uncomfortable situation some wives find themselves in lacking these funds.

They will be responsible for distributing any funds the public offers. And I attest to their dependability and wonderful intentions for the sake of Heaven.

I urge you to help raise this effort.

The following well publicized saying deserves reiterating:

Imagine you were given the opportunity to raise an entire Jewish city from destruction, G-d forbid. Of course you would do everything possible to do so, and be grateful for having being given the opportunity.

This and much more is the merit one has while strengthening Family Purity observance. It is literally saving lives.
- Yom Yom Nissan 10
Rabbi Fishel Jacobs”

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