Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Improve Your Child's Reading Skills - An Occupational Therapists Recommendation

One of the goals of sending children to school, is for them to learn and master the 3 R's, Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. I never could work out how you get 3 R's out of those, but still, that is the saying.
As an occupational therapist, one of our roles is to evaluate a child's development and help them to master the skills required to progress well at each level in school. The role of occupational therapy (OT) for the evaluation of development and treatment of learning difficulties has become more widely known in recent years. People have come to recognize that adequate motor development and fine motor skills will affect classroom performance. Some people recognize that development of perception also falls under OT what many do not know is that adequate eye movements are also crucial as are motivation and increasing imagination and creative thinking of our children.

Much of these are attained by placing the child in a play situation structured in such a way as to achieve the goal appropriate to the child. However, when it comes to helping a child to read correctly, the therapist, parents and children need quality books to read to and with the child. The book needs to be fun, interesting, something that will create and inspire in the children an interest both in reading and in mastering the skills to be able to read. Quality children's books both in terms of story line and beautiful illustrations provide an invaluable source of motivation to the children to succeed. They also provide the ingredients necessary to stimulate the development of imagination and creativity.

The children's books written by author Rosemary Kahn fulfill all of these goals. The stories are quite delightful and the kind of story that captures one’s attention, enticing us to want to keep reading so as to discover how the story unfolds and ends. Being an experienced teacher, Rosemary Kahn has given tremendous care to ensuring good usage of language, with clear easy to understand sentences. The language contains a combination of words that children generally know from every day life, intermingled with other words that assist them to increase their vocabulary.

As an experienced occupational therapist, I highly recommend the books of Rosemary Kahn. Some of her books are already out of print, however we have managed to source some outlets available on the net. Her latest book is available through this blog and directly from the author.

If your child is experiencing difficulty with reading, and you would like to consult with an occupational therapist, please email Shoshanah to set up an appointment. Consultations are offered either in person, via telephone, email or skype.
For more information regarding the wonderful books written by Rosemary Kahn, please visit her blog http://rosemarysbookcorner.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

Interesting comments. I enjoyed reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Always interested in improving a child's reading skills. Thank you.

Shoshanah Shear said...

Thank you to our anonymous readers to the blog for your comments. I am glad you found the post beneficial.



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