Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Mikvah Funding Project - Helping Women in Need in Israel to Immerse for FREE!

On the 27th of November 2008, we began a very special Mikvah Project, obtaining the funds necessary to assist those women who are affected by the current economic struggle to immerse absolutely FREE.

We NEED YOUR HELP to make this happen...

Since the project began, we have obtained a letter supporting this written by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs. We have also had a few donations come in.

There have been a few questions as to how the project with function. Yesterday I spoke to the mikvah lady of the group of Mikvaot in Beitar Illit. After discussing the best way to co-ordinate such a project, she suggested that

gather the funds and give them to the kuppah of the relevant mikvah. She also informed us of how many women are in need of this assistance each month.

After sharing this information with Rabbi Jacobs, it was agreed that we focus on
one specific mikvah initially, this being in Beitar Illit, just next to Jerusalem. We hope, iy"H, to then go on and find sponsors for further mikvaot.

On average, in this particular mivkah, there are ten women a month in the extremely embarrassing situation of not having entrance money. We are looking to merit someone wishing to have this important mitzvah. This unbelievably holy mitzvah costs 400 shekels, which translates to $130 dollars, to assist all 10 women for one month.
As the Mikvah Funding Project progresses, we will, iy"H, add the information regarding which mikvah is assisted next and an estimate of how many women require this assistance each month.
"Anyone who helps other Jews purify themselves, will be purified, him, his family, and future generations, from the Source of purity Above," Talmud.
Please join us in this important mitzvah by making a donation right here. Remember even $1 helps enormously. Of course, if you have $130, this will cover the costs for the first Mikvah we are assisting for a month and we can then continue to help other women in Israel.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

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