Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ramban's Commentary on the Torah - For Sale Here

The Ramban, Rabbi Moses ben Nachman also known as Nachmanides, was born in Gerona Spain in 1194 and died in Eretz Yisrael in 1270. He was an amazing rabbi who commentated on both Rashi and Rambam. Being well versed with all aspects of Torah, Ramban had a special focus on the mystical, philosophy and of course kabalah.

Those who know something of Torah, probably know that Rambam, Maimonedes was a doctor / physician. The Ramban who lived after Rambam was also a doctor and used to spend a certain number of hours in the morning consulting clients, enough to cover his expenses after which he devoted the rest of his day to Torah.

The story of the life of Ramban is a very inspiring one and well worth reading. For those of you who wish to add to your Torah library, and are looking for a little more than what Rashi offers, Ramban certainly will provide much food for thought.

Here in our Shopping for Goodness Store, we have a set of 5 volumes of the commentary on the Chumash written by Ramban. It has been translated into English, offering those who do not understand the Hebrew text to read it in the English. You can purchase it right here, and enjoy.

If you struggle with any of the ideas, please email Rabbi Eliyahu Shear and set up a learning session with him. Together you can dive into the depths of Torah, in this case through the eyes and insight of the Ramban or another commentator of your choice.

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