Wednesday, 14 January 2009

"Two Kings" by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs

Revolutionary Educational Tool Launched.

It took three thousand years! But, the truth is out! And now you can read it to your children, as well! And it's spreading fast! The powerful king is not so unstoppable. And the seemingly incapable man is actually a king! We are speaking about the two kings each of us has inside. The Bad King, is our selfish impulsive side, the yetzer hara. The Good King is our rationale, good side, the yetzer tov. But we all know that. Right?

It's not so simple. It took the author four years to develop this latest book series and for it to finally reach press. Finally, Two Kings is here and available now! Two Kings, authored by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs a well known Chabad rabbi and Halachic author, is being presented as a worldwide educational revolution evolving.

This Jewish book series features a young boy who is faced with a personal dilemma in performing something he needs to do. The Bad King and Good King, both depicted through heart-warming and beautiful colored pictures, each tries to influence the lad. Tensions rise as they fight for control.

The concept is based in Kohelet (9:14). The idea that the body is compared to a small city, over which two internal kings — the yetzer tov and the yetzer hara — fight for control, forms the central theme of Tanya (Chapter 9).

However, the presentation here follows years of development. The writing needed to be simple, understandable to young ages, yet applicable even to adults. The graphics needed to depict things in a chasidic way. The Bad King would not be despicable, or essentially evil. It would be rough, but able to be educated and refined.

Rabbi Jacobs said, "After years working with criminals inside the Israel Prison Service, I feel a real mission in presenting this series. Almost all of my criminals had one single character trait in common. They all thought their own impulses, what they wanted was ultimately more important than the well-being of their fellow man. The Two Kings series teaches us to always weigh our impulses against our rationale side. I believe people's lives will be enhanced by this educational series. And that is my reason for writing it."

More on the conceptual basis of the book series, instalment two is going to press in a few weeks.

A full range of educational items, games, DVDs and posters are in production.

Initial reviews worldwide have been overwhelming. We are encouraging anash to get copies of the first book while the first printing lasts. This book is available through various bookstores AND, you can buy it right now, right here.

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