Sunday, 8 February 2009

Maintain the Pride and Dignity of Your Fellow Jew

Sarah came home from work. She made dinner for her three young children. And then her mind began to think about the special night it was. It was her mikveh night, and she looked forward to performing what she saw as the single most precious mitzvah in her life.

But then the reality set in. She anxiously opened her bag, and scrounged through her wallet.

"Oh," she calculated. "With all the coins, I have twelve and a half shekels."

She hurriedly searched through her drawer and found another couple of shekels.

The end of the month, she knew she could not draw not even one cent out of the ATM machine.

Sarah looked at her little children in the other room, she looked at the holy books on the shelf, and turned to wall.

And cried.

"Why, why, oh G-d, do I have to undergo this," she thought.

All Sarah wanted to be was a good Jewish wife, and pure Jewish daughter.

But she did not have the money to go to the mivkeh.

What could she do? The mitzvah of Family Purity is a private one. One we do not talk about to anyone. We generally do not tell a soul where we are going to. What could she do? How would she come up with the money?

There were needs in the family, more fruit and cereal to purchase. Bus tickets. Her child needed to give NIS 10 to the school for an outing the next day. But immersing in the Mikvah is an important mitzvah. She could not give it up.

Turning her faith to Hashem, Sara went to the Mikvah. Usually she would prepare there, taking her time to concentrate on what needed to be done. Putting her full focus on the mitzvah she was engaged in.

This time she arrived and mentioned she had already prepared in advance. Sheepishly she tried to get together just NIS 20 for the immersion.

The kind Mikvah Lady recognized the signs. They had seen them before. "It's Ok Sarah, this one is a gift. This time you can take your time, complete your preparations here, and we are giving you a box of Bedika Cloths. It has all been sponsored."

You see, Hashem loves this mitzvah so much, He has made sure there is a fund to help with women like you.

Sarah was able to breathe a sigh of relief. She would still have the NIS 10 to give her precious child for the outing the next day. She might have enough for at least one bus ticket. She would be able to prepare as she always did, with full concentration and extra special care.

With your help, we helped 23 Sarahs, last month, go to the mikveh.

With dignity and pride.

We want to help all Jewish women and ask you to help more women.

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