Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Most Beautiful Gift to Another Jew!

What is the most beautiful and precious gift you could give to a fellow Jew?
The gift of dignity and the freedom to fulfil a mitzvah, would have to be the answer.

Join us in giving such precious gifts. A gift that will bring Joy to Shamayim.

A few days ago we posted the story about Sarah and explained that there are many more Sarah's needing our help. Today we would like to outline a different story.

Today, join us to catch a glimpse of the life of Leah (name fictitious). Leah, like Sarah does all she can to fulfil her mitzvah of Family Purity. For Leah, it is not just a case of finding one month that she can not pay. Month after month she cries out to Hashem: "I just want to fulfil the mitzvah that is the right of every married woman. Why don't You let me have the means to pay. Just NIS 20 to immerse, plus my transport there. Please G-d, let me pay what I need to, help me to fulfil this precious mitzvah."

Yet, month after month Leah comes to the Mikvah and has to enter her name in a book. She will pay as soon as she has the means. The obligation weighs heavily on her and lowers her spirits.

Imagine how tempting it must be to skip. Just this month. Just this time I wont go. But no, Leah goes diligently. She can not touch her husband or fulfil her part to bring a Kosher Jewish soul into the world, unless she immerses. And so, even though she does not have the means, Leah still fulfils her role. Leah still carries out the mitzvah and prays all she can to be able to pay back the amount she owes the Mikvah.

The amount currently owing to the Mikvah for Leah is NIS 600. (THIS IS TRUE). Imagine her anguish. Imagine the potential strain this could place on her marriage, the stress itself could prevent her fulfilling the mitzvah of being fruitful and multiplying.

Please help us to be the messengers of Hashem to help Leah to immerse with dignity. Let her have the freedom of heart and soul to fulfil this mitzvah by helping to cover the amount she owes the Mikvah.

Make your donation now, Today. Imagine the extent of the gift you will be giving her. Imagine this scene:

The phone rings, who could it be. Is it another collector. Does someone else what money from us, Leah nervously wonders as she reaches for the phone. How will we pay the telephone? How will we cover the bills?

"Hello?" she answers.

"Hello Leah, this is the Mikvah"

Leah is nervous. "I, I, I don't yet have the money to pay. I am sorry. I know..."

Leah's apology is interrupted. "It's OK Leah, we have wonderful news. Hashem has answered your prayers. Some kind and caring Jew has covered your bill. You no longer have any obligation. The next immersion is covered too. Take a deep breath and enjoy this precious gift to you. Thank you for your Emunah in continuing to come. Thank you for your courage in carrying out this special mitzvah."

How would Leah answer such a call? How must she feel? The relief, perhaps joy, elation, partial disbelief. Gratitude.

Join our Mikvah Project and be that Caring Jew. Make your contribution TODAY and help to free Leah so that she can continue to fulfil her mitzvah with dignity.

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