Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Letter of Approbation for Massage Services for Women

Please click on the image for a larger view of this letter of approbation.

Preparing a wedding, or any Simchah, can be a pressurized and stressful time. In order to help a Kallah and mother of the Kallah to feel relaxed and special, Shoshanah offers a relaxing massage /healing/guided visualization package. Some women have requested a letter of approbation for this service. We are happy to be able to provide, above, a letter of approbation written by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs, author of the book Family Purity - A Guide to Marital Fulfillment.

For other comments and references regarding treatment sessions and relaxation packages offered by Shoshanah Shear please visit her website.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A Lesson in Appreciation - In More Ways Than ONE

For those of you who have enjoyed the photographs of the swallow and his wife, or the other photographs of nature, here is another series of photographs.


Here is your 'awwww...'
for the day!


She is pregnant. He had just saved her from a fire in her house, rescuing her by carrying her out of the house into her front yard, then he continued to fight the fire.

When he finally got done putting the fire out he sat down to catch his breath and rest.

A photographer from the Charlotte , North Carolina newspaper noticed her in the distance looking at the fireman.

He saw her walking straight toward the fire-fighter and wondered what she was going to do.

As he raised his camera she came up to the tired man who had just saved her life and the lives of her babies and kissed him just as the photographer snapped this photograph.

And people say animals are dumb!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mikvah Salvation

The world is held up by kindness

A few weeks ago we posted about a woman who unfortunately had a debt with the Mikvah. With the help of some generous and caring Jews, we have managed to raise enough to pay off her debt in full, thus freeing her from this before Pesach.

By some Hashgachah Pratis I ended up talking to one of the mikvah ladies today. She shared with me that on many occasions when they needed to ask whether something would be paid towards this debt, the woman would break down and run out. Of course this is not the intention of the mikvah ladies. The women do whatever they can to make the experience at the mikvah an enjoyable and special one. However, as the mikvah lady explained, they do have expenses and do not have the means to give financially.

The mikvah lady went on to thank us for this project, saying: "you do not realise how big a mitzvah you are doing for the mikvah ladies in addition to the woman herself. Being able to greet her and help her without worry of her owing anything is a big relief all round."

Thank you so much to all those who are participating by giving monetary donations to this very important project. As we have said before, the real thanks comes from Hashem.

If you would like to help in really putting a smile on the face of a Jewish woman for Pesach, here is an added extra. If this woman is unable to pay her Mikvah fees, chances are that she also won't have the means to purchase lipstick that is Kosher for Pesach of hand or body cream that is Kosher for Pesach.

Please indicate on the envelop to Shoshanah Shear and inside indicate it is for the Mikvah Project, Purity with Dignity.

Please note: I do not know what she looks like, so don't know what colour would best suit her, I would suggest if you do send something, to send either a soft pink or a neutral colour.

Thank you for your kindness. We look forward to much more good news for Am Yisrael.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Is Your Occupational Therapist Authentic?

Occupational Therapy (Abbreviated as OT) is a wonderful profession with all manner of techniques and methods to enable others to be independent and reach their goals. What some people don't realise, or if they do they ignore, is that Occupational Therapy is a RECOGNIZED Profession. Anyone who practises occupational therapy has to have completed a university degree in Occupational Therapy. In addition a qualified and practising occupational therapist does need to register with either a Medical and Dental Council or Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education or similar depending on the country. Every country has an association of Occupational Therapy and there is a World Federation of Occupational Therapy

The point being, it is a ligitimate and specific PROFESSION.

There are, unfortunately, many out there who state in their bio that they offer Occupational Therapy and yet do not have the credentials. There are, in today's time, many options on the internet for seeking advise with an expert. If you wish to seek advise in Occupational Therapy, do yourself a favour and check out if they are authentic.

Please note, although counselling is an integral part of Occupational Therapy, Counselling does not equal occupational therapy and someone qualified only as a counsellor can not claim to offer occupational therapy.

Although Occupational Therapy does cover how a person functions in the work place, a doctor dealing with Occupational Health is still a doctor and not an occupational therapist. The only time a doctor can call him/herself an occupational therapist is if s/he has a doctorate in Occupational Therapy, or is trained in both, with credentials for both and NOT if he is an MD who likes to advise about working conditions.

Occupational Therapists do use all manner of activities and occupations as a medium of treatment, this falls under the principles of the profession. However, someone who does Yoga or singing or art or any other activity with a person, CAN NOT say that equals Occupational Therapy, unless they have a degree in the profession. That means, if someone is a yoga teacher - as I have seen advertised on the net- s/he teaches yoga and is not offering occupational therapy no matter how much s/he likes to think s/he is.

If on the other hand an occupational therapist is trained also in teaching Yoga, this OT can combine both, but then they are qualified to do so.

Unfortunately, one can not even trust a sign on a door saying Occupational Therapist. You do need to check that whoever is claiming to be an Occupational Therapist is in fact authentically one. If they are, they will have a degree to show and have no problem in doing so.

Although the term sounds great and many dont realise that the term actually describes a specific profession, please be careful. Do check who you are working with or considering working with. If the person can not provide a recognized, authentic degree and registration with the appropriate bodies, chances are they are not qualified as an Occupational Therapist. Even if they have witnessed many OT sessions, observation does not make you into a professional. Training and taking the necessary evaluations and clinical placements and procedures does.

If you would like further information please feel free to contact Shoshanah Shear, qualified Occupational Therapist with 18 years experience in 4 different countries.

You can also contact organizations such as American Association for Occupational Therapy, World Federation of Occupational Therapy, Canadian Association of Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa or the OT Association in the country where you live. In addition, most major universities that have a Medical Faculty, will have a Department of Occupational Therapy.

You don't need to be fooled. There is information available from recognized sources. Contact them and find out what you need to know. When it comes to your health and wellbeing and working in succeeding in life, work with those who are authentic. If someone is posing as a therapist that they are not qualified to be, chances are their time with you will not be in an honest manner either.

Go for Authenticity. You deserve the best and will get it from those who are who or what they say they are.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Creative Vegetable Gardens

There are times when parents experience difficulty encouraging their children to eat healthy fruits and vegetables. What lengths will you go to in order to help them to eat a balanced diet?

British Photographer, Car Warner decided to be creative. The photographs below were sent to me by Rosemary Kahn, talented teacher and published author.

If you click on the images, hopefully they will come up larger.


There are times when parents experience difficulty encouraging their children to eat healthy fruits and vegetables. What lengths will you go to in order to help them to eat a balanced diet?

British Photographer, Car Warner decided to be creative. The photographs below were sent to me by Rosemary Kahn, talented teacher and published author.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Creative Gifts

We have just had Purim during which time one of the mitzvos (commandments) for this Yom Tov is the giving of gifts. In truth, there are many occasions when giving a gift is warranted.

Birthdays, births, Bris or naming of a baby girl, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Shabbos, Yom Tov, Weddings, anniversaries and more. It is not always easy to decide what kind of gift to give. There are times we might want to give a box of chocolates and yet do not know what level of Kashrut our host follows, so what do we do? What can we give?

There are times that we do not know a persons perference or needs. The message behind giving a gift of any kind is to make the person feel special, remembered and thought about. When we take the trouble to obtain a gift that is just what the person needs, it makes them feel that much more special and important.

So what are our options?

A lovely idea is to give something creative. It shows that you have given that much more thought and taken the trouble to obtain something unique or personal, something custom made.

We offer many unusual and creative ideas for gifts. Please browse our online store and let us know what your needs are. We are always happy to take orders and custom make what you require.

We offer prints of photographs that capture the beauty and meaning of Israel and of nature. The prints are available on quality fuji paper or on canvas. Please let us know what your preference is as the cost varies due to the different medium.

We are happy to make up beautiful and unusual greeting cards using prints of our photographs or of original art done by Shoshanah. If you do not see something in our store, please let us know your need and we will be happy to make up a card to suit the occasion. For those who would enjoy it, we will be happy to write a caption either given by you or created according to the situation and who the card is being made for.

Select a combination of our photographs or of your photographs and we will be delighted to make an unusual and unique photo montage. This can be either a large image to go on the wall or smaller as a specific greeting card.

More on the creative side, we have hand painted cushion covers, both of flowers and abstract designs. Choose from one of ours available, please note we do have many not yet on our online store. Or, send in an order and we will paint up accordingly.

We love to make up creative gift sets. As you will see on our store a gift set of a photograph with hand painted cushion cover and matching mugs. We also have several that have matching table mats.

Choose a print of an original painting by Shoshanah. Some of these paintings are available as the original piece of art. If you are interested in original art, please contact Shoshanah.

We are happy to make up other gift sets, so please do contact us for orders, ideas or to mix some of the items you see on our online store. Please take a look at the slide show in this blog for some ideas of other creative gift sets that we can make up for you.

If you are purchasing a gift for a child, why not purchase a hand painted T-shirt. If you prefer long sleeves, these can be painted on a long sleeved T-shirt or shirt. We have many more designs so if the design you have is not in our store, please do email or convo us for an order.

Another very special gift for a young child is a children's picture book autographed by the author. Please visit Rosemary's Book Corner for a choice of one of her very special children's picture books.

Brighten up your kitchen with our set of stunning Fridge Magnets with sites from Eretz Yisrael together with a Pasuk (verse) from the Torah that explains or illustrates the image more.

We look forward to hearing from you and to being a part of sending a caring thought to your friend, relative or loved one through one of our many gifts.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Everyone is a WINNER!

We are very excited to announce that we have just begun a wonderful raffle to raise funds for the Mikvah Project and various Mitzvah Projects that we are involved in. We have fabulous prizes and the best part is that EVERYONE is a WINNER.

The person purchasing one or more raffle tickets wins the unbeatable thanks from Shamayim for your kindness and generosity.

The Jews receiving benefit from the monies raised win the relief of receiving kindness during difficult times.

The ones who merit to win prizes - well their winning goes without saying.

Some have already won the incredible opportunity of donating prizes and receiving free advertising through this, not to mention having an additional chance to share their wonderful skills, ideas and talents.

We are happy to receive more donations of gifts either for this raffle or for other raffles and events, so hurry along to let us know what you wish to contribute.

Are you eager to get involved, we are happy to have you on board, selling raffle tickets to help in increasing goodness and kindness. Just send us an email and we can get started. If you can volunteer your time to do so, your prize from Shamayim will be even greater.

Ready to know more or to purchase your ticket or tickets? All you need to do is visit our Torah Online website where you will see the prizes, information and have the opportunity to purchase your winning tickets immediately.

Guess What? !!

The first ticket has already been sold so don't be shy, no need to ask why!
Just buy your ticket and join us in becoming a winner.

Come along and join the fun, spreading goodness and kindness under the sun

Monday, 2 March 2009

We Want to Hear from YOU!

It is now over 8 months since this blog began. The blog began to provide motivational and inspirational poems, thoughts, articles. The blog provides information regarding occupational therapy and various health related products. The blog offers Torah related stories and articles. There are services being offered and mitzvah projects we have started. It is wonderful to see readers coming to visit the blog and we want to thank you for doing so. Even more so, we want to hear from you the reader.

What kind of articles are you wanting to read. What aspect of the blog do you enjoy and why. We want to hear from you. Please send in a comment, a thought or a request.

Which of the articles keep you reading further or wanting to see more of what is provided on the blog.

Please also visit our new websites:

What Occupational Therapy is


Torah Online

We look forward to hearing from you and to working together to increase goodness, kindness and unity.

If you have enjoyed specific articles, stories or poems please do sponsor an article in the merit of a loved one. In doing so you can help to do a kindness to your loved one or a refuah or yeshuah and in turn they can assist us to continue providing quality articles to help to inspire and uplift others.

A Purim Story!

A story about the Mitzvah of Tedakah on Purim
(from Tuvcha Yabiyu Vol II, p. 278, Tzedakah Treasury p. 256)

Purim is the most hectic of days for every Jew - how much more so for the great Rosh Yeshivah, and leader of his generation, R' Chaim Volozhiner. R' Chaim was besieged all day long by lines of paupers who stretched out their hands for Mattanos L'evyonim. Every poor person received his gift with gratitude, and promptly left the Rabbi's home to run elsewhere for more gifts. But there was one pauper who lingered around the house and then approached R' Chaim again to ask for another gift.

Often, people become annoyed by this kind of behavior, especially on Purim when they may feel beleaguered by the onslaught of a seemingly endless flow of solicitors. Not so R' Chaim Volozhiner. He graciously gave the pauper a second monetary gift and even spent a moment talking to him. The world famous Rov and Rosh Yeshiva asked the poor man if perchance he had a gut vort, a nice Torah idea about Purim to share with him.

The pauper responded, "The Midrash says that Mordechai knew that the heavenly tribunal agreed with Haman's decree to harm the Jews because they had to be punished for their sins. However, the tribunal has two different ways of sealing its decrees. If the decree is sealed with a seal of blood, it is permanent and can't be rescinded. If, on the other hand, it is sealed with clay, then there was still a last chance for the Jews to repent and thereby shatter the clay seal. Mordechai was deeply concerned lest the decree was sealed in blood. When he met Eliyahu Hanavi who informed him that the decree was only sealed with clay, Mordechai was overjoyed because there was still hope for the salvation of the Jews.

'I would like to know, honored Rabbi, whether there is some remez - a hint of this concept on the text of the Megillah itself'."

Before R. Chaim could reply, the pauper continued and demonstrated a textual source for the derivation of this idea from the Megillas Esther (3:9), where it says "Yikasev Li'Abdam" - it shall be written down to destroy them. The Hebrew word "Li'Abdam", may be broken into two words to read "Lo B'dam" - not with blood. Simply inserting a space in this word describing Haman's decree reveals this key fact about the hidden Divine decree.

The next time R' Chaim visited his Rebbe, the Vilna Gaon, he repeated this vort to him. The Vilna Gaon's response was, "The very same Eliyahu Hanavi who brought this good news to Mordechai in Shushan many centuries ago, revealed this Scriptural proof to you on Purim."

This incident teaches us how important it is to be patient with the poor. If R' Chaim had been impatient with the pauper when he approached him a second time, and had rejected his request, then R' Chaim would have forfeited his opportunity to have 'gilui Eliyahu' - a revelation of Eliyahu Hanavi. Beware! You never know who is knocking at the door.

Did you enjoy this article?

Did you know that we are involved in a number of projects that allow us to:
  1. Share Torah with you
  2. Share topics related to health and well being.
  3. Help women immerse in a Mikvah for FREE
  4. Help newly married couples to set up their home together without the financially stresses associated with their new start in life
  5. Much more!
If you feel we're benefiting others, including yourself, do consider making a generous donation. For more about our projects, take a look at our main website and click the different tabs to find out more about our various projects: www.lovingkindness.co

Purity with Dignity - Transforming Hardship into Good

We are very grateful for the wonderful response we are receiving to our Mikvah Project - Purity with Dignity. We aim to assist in transforming the faces of many Jewish women from the sad face depicted in the lower mask to one of inner peace with a glowing smile.

For anyone on Facebook, we have now set up a cause on Face Book. Please do join us and become a part of this beautiful project.

We are happy to let you know that we are arranging a wonderful raffle to raise money towards this project. If you have a Torah related book, product you have made or gift voucher, please let us know as we are collecting more prizes for this raffle.

If you are interested in assisting to sell raffle tickets, please contact shoshanah.s@gmail.com

Remember, family purity is a mitzvah that is one of the pinnacles of the Jewish home and family. The first mitzvah given to man was that of being fruitful and multiply. In a Jewish home, this can only be carried out through the mitzvah of family purity. If you prefer to be a more silent partner in enabling Jewish women to fulfill this beautiful mitzvah.
As we have mentioned elsewhere, we are taught to learn from everything. So it is that the words of a song by Michael Jackson come to mind. "Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me .... there are people dying, if you care about the living, make it a better place." In the words of the song, please join us in spreading in goodness and kindness by joining in these projects.

For information of our other projects, please do browse this blog and also take a look at http://torahonline.weebly.com specifically the tab of Mitzvah Projects.


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