Thursday, 12 March 2009

Creative Gifts

We have just had Purim during which time one of the mitzvos (commandments) for this Yom Tov is the giving of gifts. In truth, there are many occasions when giving a gift is warranted.

Birthdays, births, Bris or naming of a baby girl, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Shabbos, Yom Tov, Weddings, anniversaries and more. It is not always easy to decide what kind of gift to give. There are times we might want to give a box of chocolates and yet do not know what level of Kashrut our host follows, so what do we do? What can we give?

There are times that we do not know a persons perference or needs. The message behind giving a gift of any kind is to make the person feel special, remembered and thought about. When we take the trouble to obtain a gift that is just what the person needs, it makes them feel that much more special and important.

So what are our options?

A lovely idea is to give something creative. It shows that you have given that much more thought and taken the trouble to obtain something unique or personal, something custom made.

We offer many unusual and creative ideas for gifts. Please browse our online store and let us know what your needs are. We are always happy to take orders and custom make what you require.

We offer prints of photographs that capture the beauty and meaning of Israel and of nature. The prints are available on quality fuji paper or on canvas. Please let us know what your preference is as the cost varies due to the different medium.

We are happy to make up beautiful and unusual greeting cards using prints of our photographs or of original art done by Shoshanah. If you do not see something in our store, please let us know your need and we will be happy to make up a card to suit the occasion. For those who would enjoy it, we will be happy to write a caption either given by you or created according to the situation and who the card is being made for.

Select a combination of our photographs or of your photographs and we will be delighted to make an unusual and unique photo montage. This can be either a large image to go on the wall or smaller as a specific greeting card.

More on the creative side, we have hand painted cushion covers, both of flowers and abstract designs. Choose from one of ours available, please note we do have many not yet on our online store. Or, send in an order and we will paint up accordingly.

We love to make up creative gift sets. As you will see on our store a gift set of a photograph with hand painted cushion cover and matching mugs. We also have several that have matching table mats.

Choose a print of an original painting by Shoshanah. Some of these paintings are available as the original piece of art. If you are interested in original art, please contact Shoshanah.

We are happy to make up other gift sets, so please do contact us for orders, ideas or to mix some of the items you see on our online store. Please take a look at the slide show in this blog for some ideas of other creative gift sets that we can make up for you.

If you are purchasing a gift for a child, why not purchase a hand painted T-shirt. If you prefer long sleeves, these can be painted on a long sleeved T-shirt or shirt. We have many more designs so if the design you have is not in our store, please do email or convo us for an order.

Another very special gift for a young child is a children's picture book autographed by the author. Please visit Rosemary's Book Corner for a choice of one of her very special children's picture books.

Brighten up your kitchen with our set of stunning Fridge Magnets with sites from Eretz Yisrael together with a Pasuk (verse) from the Torah that explains or illustrates the image more.

We look forward to hearing from you and to being a part of sending a caring thought to your friend, relative or loved one through one of our many gifts.

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