Thursday, 23 April 2009

Appreciating Hidden Blessings!

My husband and I currently live in a relatively new section of Beitar Illit, Israel. The image below is a portion of the view from our living room window. This beautiful park is still under construction. Since it was Shmitta when the park was being developed, no trees, plants or lawn have yet been planted, at least not by human hands. Over the summer, the sections that were green had turned to dry sand. With the rains of winter, gradually green began to peep through.

It was fascinating to watch that those sections of ground that are closest to inhabited buildings,
(ie buildings where Jews are living, davening, reciting brachos, learning Torah,) filled with green sooner than the section opposite where buildings are still under construction.

Now let us take a walk down into the park itself and take a closer look.

Suddenly the green becomes filled with an abundance of beauty and hidden blessings.

This soft ball of fluff, like a cotton ball on a stem is seen in a variety of stages. This one was complete and so pleasing to the eye. The perfect, clean white contrasts to the spiky edges of the green leaves and the soil beneath, beginning to dry once more.

Just a few steps away and these perfect white flowers with a star like a Star of David in the centre forms a stunning group. One can almost see a family portrait here.

A little variety of colour and we find this pretty purple, a loving couple.

Amongst the flowers is life of a different kind. This beautiful lady bird represents some of the insects that hide within the foliage, hurrying along their way to fulfill G-d's will.

Plenty of variety of colour, texture and size to be found. Here the mini garden of blues, purple, yellow and white flowers and various green leaves. What a happy group.

Just in case you thought all the flowers were soft, this fascinating plant greets one in amidst its tiny flower friends.

Spikes are not all. Here's for more variety in richness, colour and design. How perfect these clusters of yellow are, grouped with a daisy and little "forget-me-not" type flower. I wish I knew all their real botanical names.

From the rich colours, we return to some softness of this mauve flower, lifting its face to greet those who walk by.

What a surprise to find this stunning flower. What a perfect creation. Look at the contrast of the bubbly textured centre to the smooth soft lines. The perfect colour combination would inspire any artist.

When walking photographing the various flowers and nature, a sudden movement caught my eye. This busy little bee was so active I could not discern what kind of creature might be visiting this beautiful flower until we looked at the photograph on the computer.

In these few images, as mentioned, we see such variety of size, shape, design, colour, style and yet there were more than double the amount of images that have not been uploaded. Each of the other images represents yet another colour or type of flower or little creature.

In the fast paced life we live in, so often we complain or get stuck in the stress of the hustle and bustle of life. How often do we stop to appreciate the hidden blessings of creation. The plant and animal life provided directly from Hashem for us to enjoy and that act as a reminder that someone greater than we are, is in charge of everything, taking care of our every need.


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We look forward to hearing from you and to sharing the beauty and fascination of life through photographs, artwork and the written word.

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