Sunday, 31 May 2009

Children's Garden Tools

If you are living in the Northern Hemisphere, you are probably enjoying beautiful sunshine. For many that means time to do some gardening. Those in the Southern Hemisphere can begin preparing for the coming months of gardening.

Children love to imitate their parents and in fact learn a lot through imitation. If your child is over the terrible two's and beginning to act responsibly, this set of gardening tools can bring a lot of fun to both child and parent.

The tools have wooden handles but the tool itself is a real, metal tool. Make sure to always be working alongside your child, as the tools are sharp. Spending time in the garden with your child is a wonderful, relaxing way to enjoy quality time together. This helps in forming a good relationship between parent and child while also helping the child to appreciate nature and learn how to care for it.

In addition, the heavy work performed when raking, digging etc is wonderful for helping to develop muscle tone and strength together with assisting to organize your child leading to a greater ability to sit quietly next to a desk in class for learning purposes.

If you are ready to purchase this colorful set of children's garden tools click here and prepare for hours of fun. If you would like some guidance as to whether your child is ready to begin gardening or whether an alternative activity, task or toy is better suited to your child, please contact Shoshanah, experienced occupational therapist, for a consultation via email or skype or in person.

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