Monday, 4 May 2009

Images of Shoshanah's Treatment Room

The Treatment Table set up for a relaxation session of massage / healing /guided visualization

Not visable in this image is a purple towel that matches the purple throw over and a purple dressing gown for the woman to use when preparing for her massage.

For those who like it, candle are lit to give some soothing atmosphere and calming music is played.

For more information regarding these treatment sessions see:
Treat a Kallah Like a Queen
and Letter of Approbation

One view of the treatment room ready to evaluate an 11 month old baby. The picture over the folded treatment table was embroidered and appliqe'd by Shoshanah about 20 years ago.

The dollies and teddy bears were hand knitted by Shoshanah and sewn up, stuffed and faces and details added by Rosemary Kahn.

Also visible a sensi-ball, covered barrel and a wooden xylophone on a treatment mat.

Another view - for a slightly older child with coloured shapes to evaluate shape recognition.

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