Sunday, 24 May 2009

Our Services of Goodness and Kindness

Several people ask what it is that we do. Here is a snippet of what we are working on and links for you the reader to discover more and get involved. Together may we make this world a fitting place for G-d in this the lower world.

In response to various needs identified over time, Rabbi Eliyahu and Shoshanah Shear are working on developing a very special Yeshiva. One of the focuses of this Yeshiva is learning practical thoughts from the sources such as Pirkei Avos, Halachah, Chumash and Chassidus in order to learn directly how to live in this world correctly.

The Yeshiva has a number of "Mitzvah Projects and Services" that are already growing steadily.

 We have an international Tehillim group with women around the world reciting Tehillim every Shabbos for other Jews. This is an exciting and very gratifying service and we encourage more women to join us.

 Shortly after the Tehillim group began, we noticed there were so many singles being added for Shidduchim that we began a Shidduch service. Knowing first hand how difficult the Shidduch world can be, we have a caring Shidduch service aimed at helping any Jew who is serious about getting married. We believe that Hashem created every Jew with his or her life partner and do what we can to help them come to Chuppah. As the Torah teaches, it is not good for man to be alone.

 We have quality singles on our database and are always interested in including more so as to help all those we work with to be more successful.

 Sefiras HaOmer is coming to a close and with it the wedding season begins once more. Getting married can be very exciting but also has its stresses. As a trained and registered therapist, Shoshanah offers a relaxing massage / healing session to Kallot getting married in the Jerusalem and surrounding area. A wonderful gift to give to a Kallah, or you can book for yourself, relative or friend.

 Gift-vouchers are available and these sessions come with a letter of recommendation from Rabbi Fishel Jacobs, author of "Family Purity."

 Still in keeping with strengthening women, it came to our attention that there are women experiencing financial difficulty who often cannot come up with the nominal charge for preparing and immersing at the Mikvah. To alleviate this burden and enable them to continue to fulfil the Mitzvah of Family-Purity we have set up a Mikvah Project – "Purity with Dignity," allowing women in this situation to immerse at no cost to themselves. This project has been going for just a few months and has a letter of approbation by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs.

For more information on these and other services, or to sign up to learn with Rabbi Shear, please visit our website or blogspot

and for women

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