Thursday, 21 May 2009

Prayers for a Son are Answered in Heaven

In the mid 1700's in Frankfurt-am-Main, lived a very special couple. He was a sofer who immersed himself in Torah, prayer and kind acts and his wife supported him through her special acts of kindness. There are beautiful stories about Rav Shmuel and his caring wife Raizel.
Rebbetzin Raizel is described as a Jewish woman who knew when anyone was in need of care and would show up to assist whether it was someone who was ill, had just given birth or had another hardship, either they found her or Rebbetzin Raizel found them. Yet, despite all her loving acts of kindness, Rebbetzin Raizel hid from others her broken heart; for she cared for others yet longed to hold in her arms her very own child.
These two righteous Jews, accepted that being childless came from Heaven and despite their heartache and yearning, they accepted the decree without complaining. They continued in their acts of kindness, increased in giving Tzeddakah and Rav Shmuel began writing a sefer Torah to donate to the congregation.
On one particular day, Rebbetzin Raizel returned home after a long day of performing many mitzvos. She was tired and the neat, organized, quiet home that greeted her on her return somehow disturbed her. Preparing the table for her husband for their evening meal, Rebbetzin Raizel realized her husband would be late and decided to rest. She began to have sad dreams and tears flowed from her eyes. With a broken heart and through her tears, Rabbetzin Raizel cried out to Hakadosh Baruch Hu to bless them with a son who would give them Nachat (comfort and joy). Her tears flowed and she began reciting Tehillim. Time passed and Rav Shmuel returned home to find his wife crying over her Tehillim.
Silently he joined her and together they wept and appealed to Hashem to bless them with a son. Time passed as they prayed with sincere pleas to Hashem. Suddenly a knock was heard at the door.
Rav Shmuel heard the knock and went to answer the door. It was by now the middle of the night and Rav Shmuel and his wife did not know who might be coming. Perhaps someone needed their help.
At the door was the saintly Rav Zeligman, a tzaddik with hidden powers. Rav Zeligman did not wait for the couple to ask why he had come but rather delivered the news that their prayers had been answered in Heaven and during that year they would be blessed with a son who would illuminate the eyes of Jewry with his Torah and holiness. Without waiting for a reply, Rav Zeligman turned to go.
In 1762, Rebbetzin Raizel gave birth to a son who was named Moshe. This son was in deed a prodigy and became none other than the Chasam Sofer a true Tzaddik who had a major positive impact on European Jewry. In this article, I am not going to discuss the wonderful work of Rav Moshe Sofer known as the Chasam Sofer, but rather bring this story to give Chizuk to those married women who have not yet been blessed with children.
What can we learn from this story? People like to tell us that whether or not we have children is dependent on the effort we put in and particularly how much medical assistance a couple might have sought. The truth however is that the blessing of children lies in the hands of Shamayim of Heaven. Like Rebbetzin Raizel, continuing acts of kindness, giving charity and progressing in Torah learning without complaining is the desired path to follow. Together with this, appeal to Hashem with sincerity and a broken heart that He grant you or the couple concerned healthy children who follow in the ways of Torah.
We are taught that if we assist another or daven (pray) for another who needs what we do, that our prayers will be answered first. If you want to increase in your Tefillos (prayers), please join our Tehillim group

We are also assisting various women to be healthy in order to be blessed with healthy pregnancy and having healthy children with Yirat Shamayim. If you would like to assist with this cause, please indicate so when making your donation.
Thank you for your assistance. We hope and pray that this article and others have given you comfort, hope and strength. We look forward to hearing very good news for all of Am Yisrael.

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