Friday, 8 May 2009

Progress of our Mikvah Project - Purity with Dignity

Your contribution can help a Jewish woman immerse in a Mikvah for Free -
Purity with Dignity

It has been just a few months and there is, Thank G-d, movement and progress.

The Mikvah Project was started when my husband and I reacognized the need for women in financial difficulty to receive assistance to go to the Mikvah for free. The idea being to ease the burden somewhat and enable them to maintain their dignity while fulfilling a crucial mitzvah.

We began by working with 3 Mikvaot closest to us, here in Israel and soon received emails from women in South Africa expressing a desire to help in their area too. Since a few women also mentioned the need, we set about finding a mikvah who wanted to work with us and did in fact have women coming who had difficulty paying.

It took a bit of time. It is sad that posts to a local new group requesting a Mikvah to contact us were not responded to. However, where there is a will, there is a way and we have located a Mikvah in Jahannesburg that we are now working with. Thus far we have received some donations in SA. The most heart warming was a donation given in the merit of a Mom and her baby as the baby was born 6 weeks premature and both Mom and baby were in intensive care.

It is so gratifying to receive an email saying that the Mom made good progress and was discharged home and thank you for providing the Mikvah Project as a vessel for worth while tzeddakah cause. We still daven for the little baby to receive a refuah shelayma. Her name is on our Tehillim List amongst others in Am Yisrael. Please visit our Tehillim list and join us in davening for their healing and assistance from Heaven in all areas of life. If you are a woman, please do join us in reciting Tehillim each Shabbos so as to complete the sefer Tehillim at least once every Shabbos. In this way we help to increase unity with women around the world through Tehillim.

Back to our Mikvah Project. We have begun contacting Mikvaot in Jerusalem to find out if they have the same need. Two mikvaot contact that night, had, on that night 31 - 35 women who had already come to immerse and said they had between 1 - 3 women almost every night who are unable to pay.

One of the mikvaot is in need of doing some improvements to maintain a beautiful, functioning mikvah. The small amounts women do pay, hardly covers expenses and does not allow them to carry out regular improvements, coat of paint etc.

Please assist us by making a donation. Any donation is very gratefully received. If you are a Jewish Woman and do go to the Mikvah, remember your Jewish sister who is not able to pay and send a contribution of the same as you would spend one visiting the mikvah in your area.

Thank you for your assistance in helping Jewish Women.

Your contribution can help a Jewish woman immerse in a Mikvah for Free -
Purity with Dignity

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