Sunday, 21 June 2009

Double Donation

Rabbi Moshe Bassan was known to love Eretz Yisrael and to love supporting Jews settling here. He would contribute whenever he could and had a charity box for this cause on this table at all times. The people of his community who appreciated and revered him, always supported his favourite charity, the poor in Israel.

One day a distinguished member of the community visited Rabbi Bassan with the news that his wife had just given birth to a boy. The rabbi wished his community member Mazal Tov for the happy news.

The community member continued by extending a request to the rabbi to be the Sandak at the baby's bris, ending that it would be a very great honour.

Rabbi Bassan had a previous appointment scheduled for the anticipated day of the bris and had to decline the offer. He asked the man to forgive him but he was unable to break his previous commitment.

The man was downcast and then had an idea. "I promise to give 200 dinar to your charity to help the poor in Israel if the rabbi will be Sandak for the bris."

The rabbi stated that he had already committed to attend the other appointment and could not go back on his committment. Then he was thoughtful for a bit, opened his purse and put 200 dinar in the charity box on his table.

Understandably the man did not understand the gesture. "Rabbi," he asked "I understand you are unable to attend, but why did you give such a large donation from your own money? I was the one to make the offer."

The rabbi agreed, "you are right. But why should the poor people of Israel suffer because I had a prior agreement that prevented me from taking up your offer.? Since it is my fault, I feel it is necessary to give the exact amount your offered."

The man then took out his purse and place 200 dinar in the charity box, insisting that he wanted to give it anyway and that now the rabbi could take his donation back.

"Oh no, I would not dream of doing that! A gift is a gift. Once it is pledged, it must remain so. But let us hope that in the merit of our double donation, the Holy Land will be speedily rebuilt and we can all go there and live! Amen.

I hope that this story has inspired you with two beautiful qualities, honesty and generosity, together with this a real dedication to assisting to build the Land of Israel.

We have a number of mitzvah projects on the go, all aimed at helping Jews to be successful in Israel. Please visit our website, online store and get involved. We have wonderful Mitzvah Projects on the go.

Join us in assisting Jewish women in Israel in financial difficulty to go to the Mikvah at no expense to themselves. From our networking thus far we have discovered that there are women who need this assistance that ranges from 5 women a month to 1-3 women per night. The cost is on average just $10 per woman.

Join us in empowering Olim Chadashim to be successful here.

Every contribution is gratefully received and goes a long way to helping with the dream of Rabbi Moshe Bassan, most of the rabbis from Moshe Rabeinu to the present and of course Avraham Avinu. Together let us make this world fitting to be a Dwelling Place for G-d so that we merit the coming of our Righteous Redeemer and a re-build Israel in every respect.

Please give generously, Israel needs your help.

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