Friday, 19 June 2009

Finding the Good in Everything!

Anyone who has been learning SEO probably knows the power of choosing the correct labels, titles and topics both for posts and for products to sell via the web. Just a few days ago I listed 2 new items in our an online store. The items are flowers photographed in Tzfas.

As always, after listing the items, I posted something on twitter and FaceBook to attract traffic to our listing. I was happy to receive a response from someone in the USA who has visited Tzfas.

After a few messages back and forth I decided to look at her website and sent a comment via email. From our exchange, she too looked at my website and came across our Tehillim Group. Needless to say I received another email with a name to put on the Tehillim List.

This particular name is for someone who experienced difficulty during childbirth and has been in a coma. Her baby is already over a year old. This young mother has other children but is currently unable to take care of them.

Please join us in storming the heavens to appeal to Hashem to provide a Complete and IMMEDIATE Healing for this woman. Please read my recent page on my website for insight into the power of prayer for one who is ill.

Our Tehillim Group is made up of Jewish Women around the world who recite Tehillim from wherever they are during daylight hours on Shabbos. We have been completing the FULL Sefer Tehillim each week. Due to certain changes in the group we are in need of a few more ladies to help us once again complete the Sefer Tehillim each Shabbos. To join our Tehillim Group please click on the word Tehillim Group.

There is a teaching that we plan and Hashem laughs. If we link this to the teaching that everything happens for a reason, this recent correspondence culminating in an appeal for increase Tefillos and mitzvos to help a Jewish woman is a prime example. When we select our words as key words or words that might attract the traffic we want, we might have one goal in mind (increased sales) and Hashem might have a different one entirely (prayers for a Jew ). If we are open to seeing the good in everything, the result is, as we see here, a diversion from our goal to increase sales to bringing potential salvation to another Jew.

May it be Hashem's Will that this woman receive a complete healing IMMEDIATELY.

We look forward to hearing very good news for everyone.

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