Thursday, 25 June 2009

In the Merit of Gimmel Tamuz

I heard of the Lubavitcher Rebbe only after Gimmel Tamuz, still the wonderful work that he fulfilled and his caring manner has made an impact on myself and countless others. So much can be said about the Lubavitcher Rebbe and perhaps I will put up more than one post for Gimmel Tamuz.

As I began learning more Torah, I often would hear, don't follow Chabad because... Don't listen about the Rebbe because.... As Divine Intervention would have it, when I was wanting a study partner in Cape Town, South Africa, the only option available was a Chabad seminary girl. Our learning sessions were wonderful, dynamic and filled with Torah thoughts on many levels.

What was the problem with Chabad? Finally I decided to begin my own research. Today it is very easy, just look at the many DVD's of the Rebbe and each one is filled with such power, kindness, knowledge, a genuine concern for everyone Jew and non-Jew.

The Rebbe began an incredible outreach campaign partly through instituting various mivtoyim, campaigns to help strengthen our fellow Jew in a mitzvah. Since this is the way of the Rebbe, what better time than Gimmel Tamuz to strengthen in a mitzvah.

One of several mitzvah projects we are involved in is our Mikvah Project - Purity with Dignity. Let us take a look at a few references the Rebbe gave to mikvah, its importance and how the mikvah itself should look.

Cannot Conceive:

" Sometimes the reason one cannot become pregnant is they do not know all the necessary laws associated with family purity. Therefore you should review these with a competent Rav, who will guide you.

Although you were educated in a Chabad institution where all details were taught, yet, 'there is no tzaddik on earth who has not sinned.' Therefore it is worthwhile for you to review these laws."
(Igros Kodesh Vol 23, pg 9)

Tikun for Taharas haMishpachah:

"Do whatever is possible in strengthening these matters such as supporting mikvaos, teaching people these laws etc. Additionally get at least one other woman to begin keeping these laws; two would be even better." (Igros Kodesh, Vol 23 pg 454)

Kfar Chabad Mikvah:

" It would be worthwhile for you to talk up the importance of the women's mikvah being beautiful, from the women's point of view. Simply this means it should be clean, and of course sanitary and beautiful, as much as all this is possible in the kfar. Although these details seemingly are superficial, yet, in our day and age, they enhance the primary issue, mikvah use, by more and more ladies." (Igros Kodesh Vol 21 page 337)

In these difficult times, many women find it hard to cover basic expenses, let alone finding the money for immersing in a Kosher Mikvah. Please join us in enabling many more women to fulfill this important Mitzvah with dignity.

It is now 15 years since the Histalklus of the Rebbe. In the merit of the Rebbe, this Gimmel Tamuz, please give at least $15 towards our Mikvah Project. Multiples of $15 is also very welcome. Our goal for this month is $5000, help us to exceed this goal and help many many women to fulfill this crucial Mitzvah.

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