Sunday, 21 June 2009

A Poem for Father's Day

In the merit of Natan Gershon ben Natan

As the day continued and with it came a flurry of posts
Telling how to observe Father's Day and be the greatest hosts,
Something inside of me began to stir
I became lacking in the manners of the "yes sir!"

A teaching of guarding one's tongue rang true
I longed to cry out to request those to subdue;
To tone down the joy and the boasting that came
For not everyone has a father and for that there's a shame.

I clearly remember that first Father's Day
When others were joyous and I could only turn to pray.
I remember sitting alone on my bed
Others were with their fathers but loneliness was mine instead.

Send your father a card, come on give a gift!
Tell him he's the greatest, pick up the phone and be swift.
Yes its wonderful to have a Dad to give to.
It is wonderful to chat to your Dad when you feel blue.

But, what when your Dad has gone to his eternal rest.
What can you do - the answer is do your best.
Judaism teaches to honour one's father and one's mother
A mitzvah for every day not just one over the other.

The mitzvah is vast and it trains one to be
Respectful and caring and grateful to Thee.
Now we can ask who is it to whom we honour and respect
No it is not just your Mom or your Dad, as you might suspect.

For honouring our parents trains us to see;
That there is a third partner who enabled each one to be a "me".
So each and every moment of the day, we are to show the utmost respect
To both our parents and to G-d and to reflect.

To consider the talents, skills and ideas
To ponder all of who we are and to realize
That all this was given for us to become the best we can be
A continual task for you and for me.

Although many might think Father's Day comes just once
I would like to declare or even announce.
Every day is the day to cherish your both your Mom and your Dad
To do all that you can to make their hearts glad.

So I'd like to challenge you to take on a mitzvah or learn a bit more
Come and do all that you can and then find out what else is in store.
Whether your parents are still in this world or the next
The time is right now to give it your best.

I had thought of writing an ode to my Father
So much time has past that I discovered I would rather
Inspire others to increase in goodness and kindness
For being a Jew is not just now but - timeless.

For those who have found this poem to be moving
Come and join us in the continual task of doing.
Come and learn in the honour and the merit of your Mom and your Dad
Help us to make this a world where Hashem Himself will be glad

Contact us to find out more about our Yeshiva. We look forward to hearing from you and to hearing wonderful news for all of Am Yisrael.

If you would like to sponsor an article, shiur, learning session or another aspect of the Yeshiva in the honour of or merit of one or both of your parents please be in touch with either Reb Eliyahu or with Shoshanah

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