Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Spotlight on Songs and Music by Sam Glaser

Although this artist does not reside in the Land of Israel, I had the good fortune to meet him in Yerushalayim, the heart of Israel. As you will see below, his work is filled with highlighting the beauty from Torah, prayers and life as a Jew. A very fitting approach for anyone wishing to succeed in Israel.

About a year after making aliya, by Hashgachah Pratis (Divine Intervention) I found myself in a Sukkah in the Old City of Yerushalayim talking to a warm and friendly person. A little into the conversation, I discovered that I was talking to Sam Glaser, but did not yet know who he was.

Finding myself with an inner struggle as to whether to follow my dream to use my talents to serve Hashem or to follow the advise of most I met to just clean houses in Israel, I suddenly found myself being heard. For the first time in a while, here was a Jew who believed strongly that if one has a talent it needs to be used to the full to serve Hashem and bring beauty to this world. Not only did he encourage me in every way, but this was someone who walks his talk.

A few days later, on Chol HaMoed Sukkos, I was invited to attend a concert in the square in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Lo and Behold, it was Sam Glaser in person. Before long, those attending and passers by too, found themselves clapping and singing along to the wonderful catchy tunes. One does not need to have heard the songs previously to be able to join in. Each song is uplifting and almost sweeps you along in a wave of happy melodies and inspiring or thought provoking lyrics.

Sam Glaser is a composer, musician and singer. He lives with his wife and family in Los Angeles and has produced many inspiring and uplifting CD's.

One of my favorite songs of his is the Letter in the Torah. As we are taught, every Jew is represented in the Torah by his or her very own letter. There is a teaching that if just one letter in the Torah is incomplete, faded or damaged the whole Torah becomes unfit for use. Using this theme Sam has composed a song inspiring one to find his or her very own letter in the Torah.

When adding some more products to an online store we had, I was delighted to discover a whole range of CD's by Sam Glaser. Having heard just a few of his songs at the live concert I would recommend any of these CD's. The particular one you see above, begins with this song "Letter in the Torah".

True to his way of encouraging others to use their G-d given talents, the CD, Kol BaMidbar was recorded together with children from various choirs in Los Angeles. In this way he encourages young talent to use their singing abilities for the good. To sing about Torah themes bringing real life and joy to their fellow Jew.

I would encourage you the reader to follow in the example of Sam Glaser. Find your very own letter in the Torah, by identifying your own talents and skills. Make that letter shine by learning what you need to be able to succeed in your given talent and to channel your efforts to serve Hashem with joy. In addition, by one or more CDs of Sam Glaser to put a song in your heart as your journey along your special path.

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