Thursday, 9 July 2009

Building In The Place of Destruction

The Torah, Am Yisrael (symbolized by the rose) and Hashem (symbolized by the Kotel) are ONE, indivisible, existing for and with the other.
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Today is the 17th of Tamuz, one of the "minor" fast days for the Jewish Nation. I say minor as the reason for the fast to me is quite serious. On the 17th of Tamuz, 5 calamities took place, one of them being the burning of the sefer Torah in the time of the second Temple.

To me, this one is horrific. The thought of a sefer Torah burning cuts to the bone. The Jewish Nation was freed from slavery in Egypt through open miracles by our Living G-d in order for us to receive the Torah at Sinai. How can it be that a sefer Torah was burnt?

The destruction of both Temples are quite a mystery and the only consolation is the knowledge that Hashem promised us that He will build a third and final Beis haMikdash.

If you have been following or reading this blog and its twin
Dwelling Place Below I hope it is becoming clear that we are working towards developing a Yeshiva whose focus is learning how to live in this world, so as to make this world fitting for G-d to live amongst us.

As has been mentioned in other posts, the Torah response to tragedy, other than fasting is to increase our efforts of returning to the ways of Hashem. What better opposite of the burning of a sefer Torah would there be than the restoring of one. Please do visit our website regarding our Healing Sefer Torah.

Make your contribution today and become a part of restoring a 150 year old Sefer Torah to be used for the Minyan of our Yeshiva.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity !

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