Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Please Assist a Young Jewish Mother

Someone contacted me recently asking if we could assist her friend through our Mikvah Project - Purity with Dignity. Her friend is a young mother from Jerusalem who is having a very hard time. She had a complicated and traumatic delivery of her baby which ended in her having a certain infection. She has tried various treatments from regular allopathic doctors without success.

In desperation she began turning to alternative therapies and still has had no relief. More and more this young mother finds her self needing to sleep yet grappling with how to complete her list of things to do in caring for a young baby and running her house.

Some months after the birth of her baby, the Kollel her husband was learning in went into difficulty and for several months were unable to pay their Avreichim.

What could they do, life had to continue but life had come a long hard struggle for which they don't see a light at the end of their tunnel.

When it came time to begin going to the Mikvah again, this young mother had no choice but to tell the kind Mikvah lady that she would pay when they had money once more. Now she finds that several months have gone by and still their finances have not improved. Having thought it would just be a month or two, this young mother now owes the Mikvah $150.

We did manage to get a few sessions with Shoshanah sponsored and there is some progress. However she needs more treatments in order to return to being a functioning mother rather than a young Jewish woman who sleeps all day.

The Kollel is, thank G-d paying her husband once more, however, in the interim there is $150 debt to the Mikvah. Even though the Mikvah Ladies have been very kind in permitting her to use the Mikvah, she feels the need to honour this debt.

She would also dearly love to continue treatment sessions so as to fulfill her role as wife and mother and perhaps begin bringing in some parnassa working from home.

As we approach the 9 Days leading up to Tisha B'Av, we appeal to you to have mercy on this young Jewish mother and help her to regain her independence.

Thank you for your kindness. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Remember by saving one person you save a whole world. By enabling this mother to be strong, healthy and independent, you are also helping her baby and any future children.

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Rosemary Kahn said...

I will help.


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