Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Spotlight on Lena Kotliarker

The Autumn Wind by Lena Kotliarker

Our next spotlight on Israeli Artists is the talented Lena Kotliarker's. Lena has many beautiful paintings in her Etsy Store, each offering inspiration and delight to the viewer.

Lena is a full time artist who became interested in painting through symbolism and flowers. She obtains inspiration for her paintings from "The splendor of the Jewish history". Lena's main medium has been acylic, however she has started to paint in silk, with hot batik and in oil.

Lena was born in Kiev in the Ukraine and discovered her passion for painting in her early childhood. She was a pupil at the Art studio and completed her studies in the Spiritual Art Academy of Kiev Ukraine in 1993. She came to Israel in 1996.

Lena's paintings have been exhibited in the following exhibitions:
- Kiev Culture Center in 1996.
- Mikola's House in Kiev in 1996.
- Kiriat Ono Culture Center in 2003.
- Haifa Culture Union Center (Castro) in 2007.
- The group exhibition in Qiryat Ono "Koter Pais" Culture Center in February 2008.
- The group exhibition "Imagination Israeli Art Exhibition", Bank Hapoalim (Tel Aviv,
Israel) 2008 and 2009
- The group exhibition "In a far far away Kingdom", Skizza Club Gallery (Jerusalem, Israel)
- The group exhibition in Archeological Museum, Jaffo 2009
- Very Excitingly a Solo exposition in the First International Bank under patronage of the
"Shorashim" gallery (Tel-Aviv, Israel) 2009

Lena's paintings were also ublished in "Israeli artists", second book 2009

As you will see from the above painting, and others in her store, Lena's paintings are full of colour. The colours are applied with lots of movement in an abstract whirl, intertwining the various colours of the spectrum. Within the colours one can find various symbols such us, butterflies, flowers, birds, fish and various symbols of Judaica.

To see more of Lena's paintings, to place an order or to purchase one of her beautiful images, please visit her online Etsy store.

Enjoy these beautiful paintings and do send us some feedback. We would love to hear if you did in fact visit her store, or enjoyed this post or any other comments you might have.

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