Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Keeping your Body Hydrated - A Basic Secret of Women's Health

This post is an introduction to another post which will, G-d willing be a little more polished and researched.

One of the techniques that I use as a medium of treatment is that of Brain Gym which is a part of Educational Kinesiology. Educational Kinesiology was developed to facilitate whole brain learning. One of the key principles and practices of this therapeutic modality is the importance of drinking water. This is what, G-d willing, I hope to write up in a little more detail.

What I want to highlight here is the importance of ensuring that you keep yourself hydrated. On a regular day, a normal human body requires 8 glasses of water each day. In the summer heat in Israel, often one needs to drink more than this.

Not only does the brain and the body require this in order to learn to the optimum, but the basic physiology requires fluid in order to function effectively. If one does not drink sufficiently, the body can begin to complain with nausea, dizziness, stomach pain, diarrhoea or constipation, headaches. One may or may not feel thirsty or have a dry throat. Ones eyes can also begin to feel dry and ones vision can blur for those of us prone to low blood pressure.

Through my practise, I treat a number of women. Amongst these are women who are expecting and or nursing. While it is easy to contribute these symptoms to pregnancy, the truth is that no amount of healing or brain gym or onebrain or other techniques will replace the fluid that a woman's body requires in order to prepare the womb to house the foetus or to maintain the pregnancy. Only drinking adequate amounts of fluid, especially water will do this for you.

For those who are both nursing and expecting, the body has even more need for fluids. In order to produce the milk necessary for the baby who is nursing, the body requires fluid. As already stated, the womb requires fluid, this is what makes up the bulk of the amniotic fluid.

While it is always wonderful to have new clients, if you experience the above symptoms, and have only had 1 or 2 glasses of fluid the whole day, (as a few recent clients have) try making sure you have had sufficient to drink before turning to a therapist and certainly before getting upset if the therapist needs to refer you for either an infusion or to obtain a product such as rehydrate from the pharmacy. Very often just drinking water can do the magic trick. If you are struggling to get that down, try some weak tea either with milk or with half a teaspoon or sugar or honey.

If you regularly experience difficulty in drinking sufficient fluids, talk to your local dietician to find out what combination of fluids are best for your system. Some people need to drink a certain amount of pure fruit juice, tea or coffee as well as the 8 glasses of water in the day. Others need only the water. Each body is different and it is invaluable to get to know how to keep your body hydrated so that you can function feel good and function to your optimum.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Photographic Tiyul / Tour in Jerusalem

If you are visiting Jerusalem, find out about a Photographic Tiyul in Jerusalem with Shear Success Photographers. We spend time outdoors, photographing nature, interesting buildings and people, giving you the opportunity to learn basic photographic skills or improve your photographic technique while enjoying a unique experience of the Holy City.

We will be sharing hints and ideas to help you understand the technicalities of composing and shooting a beautiful image.

We will be experimenting with different camera settings, different zooms and different angles.

Those wishing a follow up meeting to discuss and critique images are welcome to join us for an evening together following the Tiyul.

If you would prefer a tiyul of this nature at one of the Kivrei Tzaddikim, including a shiur about the Tzaddik who is burried there, given by Rabbi Eliyahu, please enquire about this option too.

For more information please email shearsuccess@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you


Friday, 21 August 2009

Some Tips for Moms with Babies Who Are Learning to Crawl

What do you do when your baby is starting to get into the puppy position and even to learn to crawl? What do you do with a baby who needs to be held when you have lots to do? What do you do when not carrying or holding your baby causes him to cry and scream?

As Dr T. Berry Brazelton, MD teaches in his book "Touchpoints - The Essential Reference of Your Child's Emotional and Behavioural Development" babies cry for a reason. There are at least 6 different cries: pain, hunger, discomfort, fatigue, boredom and tension release. Each cry is different and the more the parents get to know their baby the more they will get to learn what the cry means.

As we see, each cry means something. Babies do not cry for no reason. If a child needs to be held, there is good reason for this. Part of the development of normal sensory integration requires a certain amount of being held, carried, contained etc. If a baby is telling you it needs this, there is good reason. The baby is trying to express what he knows instinctively but does not have the words to say so.

What can a Mom do? As we learn from the mothers in Africa, strap the baby on. The mothers in Africa tend to put a baby on their back held on with a blanket and go about their chores. For those who are not able to do this, there are various kinds of pouches. The original ones were called "Comfy Carriers". Make sure you select one that supports your baby while also protecting your back. Once the baby is strapped on, he or she will obtain that closeness, swaddling feeling and the Mom's hands will be free to go about her work.

In addition, learning to crawl is a very frustrating phase for most babies. If your baby has reached this stage, make his environment a little interesting by providing some toys for him. Soft toys, toys to interact with, press etc, balls are all good.

Once again, the baby will now be interested and occupied which will distract him from the frustration of learning to crawl, although a certain amount will often still remain.

For those Moms in Israel whose babies are learning to crawl on these hard tiles floors, keep in mind the floor is very hard. It could be that it is too hard for your baby or tiring for him or her. Try putting a blanket or small rug for your baby to have some time that is softer on his or her young hands and knees. Along this line, when babies tire while beginning to learn to crawl, the often put their head down quite quickly as their head, neck and trunk control in this position is still strengthening. This rapid movement can result in a baby knocking his head on the floor. When this happens on a carpet, it is not so distressing for the baby. However, on the hard stone floors, it could be that the baby hurts himself or gets a fright from the sound or his head suddenly connecting with the ground.

In addition to the above, talk to your baby. Tell him or her that you understand and encourage him or her. Give the baby some time you will sit down and read to him / her or give some baby massage.

Another aspect that research has shown is that the various growth spurts that babies go through can also be a strain and even painful for them. If you have not already done so, take a course in Infant Massage. The results last a life time, including helping your baby to overcome this strong need to experience touch.

One last thought, though it might seem like a burden to do all this for ones baby, keep in mind that babyhood is the start of all motor and sensory development. The more you can provide in the correct manner throughout babyhood, the less likelihood to need sensory diet and other aspects of therapeutic intervention further on down the line. Helping your baby with his or her milestones and to grow, learn, develop etc appropriately do have an effect on how they will learn once they begin school.

Although some children will have learning difficulties, much can be done during babyhood to prevent difficulties later on.

If you require further input for your baby, please do email to set up an appointment or to find out when the next course of infant masage begins.

Looking forward to hearing of many happy, contented babies.

Shoshanah Shear
Experienced and Licensed Occupational Therapist, Healing Facilitator
and Certified Infant Massage Instructor

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A Hard and Sad Lesson

Certain behaviour has recently come to my attention. Or rather has been highlighted in very dramatic terms. The truth is the knowledge is not new to me, though I would far rather not know of it.

I first heard of this problem when in Chicago and hearing of religious Jews abusing their wives and the need to develop a women's shelter to help and protect the women. A few years later the same problem was presented right here in Jerusalem when I very sadly was invited to a parlor meeting for a women's shelter in Jerusalem. I say sadly because there should NEVER be a need for such a shelter, not in Am Yisrael and not in the other nations either.

The recent events made crystal clear a painful reality that every Jew needs to work on. That is to spend less focus on Torah and more on Derech Eretz on how we treat our fellow Jew. It does not help to learn Torah while kicking another or to brag about ones Yichus while insulting another Jew.

At the end of the day, every Jew is precious in the eyes of Hashem and deserves to be treated with the utmost respect. This in truth is EXACTLY what Hillel taught when saying "all that is hateful unto you, do not do unto others" - only then comes "the rest is commentary, go and study." As we see by the positioning of the two aspects of this sentence, first treat your fellow with respect and only then involve yourself in learning Torah to gain further insight and information as to how to be even more respectful and careful in our interactions both with others and with Hashem.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Blessing G-d's Creation.

An integral part of being a Jew is reciting blessings. We recite a blessing prior to eating and after eating, after going to the bathroom, during our prayers and on a range of interesting other aspects of G-d's Creation. Each of the blessings are aimed, in part to remind us who the real Creator is and that He is in charge of every detail.

When we recite a blessing on the pleasing aroma of a herb, flower or spice, it is understandable why we are grateful to partake in this blessing. When we recite a blessing over the new blossoms at the beginning of spring, once again this blessing is understandable.

Have you considered that we also recite a blessing over someone who is disabled, someone who is particularly beautiful or the opposite, on hearing difficult news? Two blessings that are very thought provoking are the blessing on hearing thunder from a strong storm and upon seeing lightning or shooting stars.

When I was a child, our instinct upon hearing thunder was to hide under covers or run to a parent for protection. We certainly did not stop to think of reciting a blessing.

The blessing on hearing thunder is "Blessed are You, Lord our G-d, King of the universe, whose power and might fill the world"

The blessing on seeing lighting is " Blessed are You, Lord our G-d, King of the universe, who re-enacts the work of creation."

When I was sent these photographs of a thunder and lightening storm in Cape Town, I thought of the blessings we recite. There is much one can say about these blessings, but a picture is worth a thousand words. If you take a look at the photograph above and of others on the blog: Rosemary's Book Corner, and then contemplate on the wording of the blessing, I hope you will be able to come up with your own insights.

May the thoughts help to give you inspiration and increased faith that we have an incredible Creator or Directs every aspect of Creation at every moment. May this thought help you to realize you are never alone.

May we merit the time when every human being and every aspect of creation bends and recites a blessing to our Living G-d.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Infinite Light Photographic Services

Book Shear Success Photographers for your Simchah, Event, Celebration, to arrange a slideshow, to design your adverts, flyers, postcards or for unique, customized gifts. All these wonderful creative services enable you to gain twice. First by the professional, caring service offered by a husband and wife team and secondly, all the proceeds go towards the development of our Yeshiva.

For more information, please email us or send a comment or feedback to this post.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Creativity of Children Brings Unity and New Life

The park that our apartment overlooks is really remarkable. As has been mentioned in other posts, the park has not yet been developed, at least not in terms of planting grass, trees etc.

The specific section closest to our apartment is the most amazing of all. There are 5 sections that seem to one day be for grass or the like. During the winter time as the rains fall and the brown begins to turn green, it has been fascinating to watch this one and another, closest to where there are inhabited apartments transform into a carpet of green. The others closest to the still empty buildings become green later.

Two weeks ago, this section took on a different life.

Children living in the building had watched their parents begin to plant their garden and to edge the flowerbeds with rocks. Suddenly one of them had an idea.

He borrowed his fathers gardening tools and cleared a straight path on the section of park closest to his apartment. He collected rocks and edged the path with the rocks. After he and a brother tested the path by running and riding their icycles, he decided to be more creative and the above maze was made.

If one looks carefully, one can see the shape of a Chai, ח. Chai symbolizes LIFE and this maze certainly brought new life to the park.

Whether it was sisters exploring together...

Someone improving his bicycle skills, especially turning that circle .....

A group of children discovering a new path, maze and fun, together ....

A little boy improving his running skills ...

This maze brought lots of fun to all the children.
This image was particularly moving. As the children decided to begin expanding their maze, a group meeting took place to decide on the shape and whether to remove the plant that had been in the centre of the circle. For this important meeting, even a boy in a wheelchair was wheeled in to participate.

As you can see, much work began and new plans were underway for a bigger and better path.

After 2 weeks of unity amongst the neighbourhood children, the Municipality finally decided the time has come to begin their work of leveling the ground and planting. Of all the 5 sections to begin with, of course, this one was the first that the workers started on.

Divorced and Older, Can I Get Married Too?

Dear Shoshanah

I have begun looking at the questionnaire but find that it is a lot of work to fill out. Maybe you can help me while I spend the necessary time or even before I start to do so. Can you answer a couple of questions that are really bothering me.
Do you think you can help me?

I am 65, divorced with a number of children.
I consider myself semi-religious (but I will tell you more about that when I fill in the questionnaire). I work on a kibbutz (though my Hebrew is still in need of great improvement) and enjoy gardening and nature.
I would not consider myself to be a model though I have a wonderful personality.

I am a little hard of hearing!

I guess I am a shadchan's nightmare... or am I?

Shalom Sarah

Thank you for your email regarding our Shidduch Service. Our questionnaire is intentionally comprehensive, although for someone who has been divorced there are some questions we need to add. e.g. we do need to know that there is a Kosher Get.

Our shidduch process is:

1. Complete the questionnaire

2. Send it in to us with your registration fee (payable easily on our site via PayPal), at least 1 recent photograph, preferably of you smiling and 2-3 references. One of the references should preferably be a rabbi.

3. Once we have received this, we can put you on our database and begin working to help you to come to Chuppah and build a strong, Bayit Ne'eman b'Yisrael.

We work with all Jews who are single and serious about getting married. For those who have more complex situations, for whatever reason, we offer counseling and coaching services to help them through the process. This additional service is provided in our professional capacity of Rabbi and Rabbis wife / occupational therapist & healing facilitator. For this we charge by the hour and work via email, on the telephone, via skype or similar internet program or in person.

Although answering the questionnaire does take some thought and half an hour to an hour to complete, it is time very well spent as it helps to ensure that we only match you with someone really suitable for you. Some have answered the questions in either a word document or the body of an email and just made sure to keep the numbering correct.

For a little encouragement, here is some feedback we have received from two of our "older singles"

B.T. made a note that she attached to her questionnaire that read: "Even if nothing directly comes out of your Shidduch Service, completing the questionnaire was a very valuable and worthwhile experience"

A.S. called to say: "I just wanted to let you know I am a Kallah. I wanted to thank you for all your time, encouragement and support. I found the two of you to be the most helpful, optimistic and encouraging of the Shadchanim out there, especially for someone who is older. You kept telling me to have faith, that Hashem is the main Shadchan and can make it happen. Well it did and you were right. Thank you."

I hope this answers your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you and to having you on our database.
We look forward too to hearing very good news, especially of your coming to Chuppah with the right man.



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