Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Creativity of Children Brings Unity and New Life

The park that our apartment overlooks is really remarkable. As has been mentioned in other posts, the park has not yet been developed, at least not in terms of planting grass, trees etc.

The specific section closest to our apartment is the most amazing of all. There are 5 sections that seem to one day be for grass or the like. During the winter time as the rains fall and the brown begins to turn green, it has been fascinating to watch this one and another, closest to where there are inhabited apartments transform into a carpet of green. The others closest to the still empty buildings become green later.

Two weeks ago, this section took on a different life.

Children living in the building had watched their parents begin to plant their garden and to edge the flowerbeds with rocks. Suddenly one of them had an idea.

He borrowed his fathers gardening tools and cleared a straight path on the section of park closest to his apartment. He collected rocks and edged the path with the rocks. After he and a brother tested the path by running and riding their icycles, he decided to be more creative and the above maze was made.

If one looks carefully, one can see the shape of a Chai, ח. Chai symbolizes LIFE and this maze certainly brought new life to the park.

Whether it was sisters exploring together...

Someone improving his bicycle skills, especially turning that circle .....

A group of children discovering a new path, maze and fun, together ....

A little boy improving his running skills ...

This maze brought lots of fun to all the children.
This image was particularly moving. As the children decided to begin expanding their maze, a group meeting took place to decide on the shape and whether to remove the plant that had been in the centre of the circle. For this important meeting, even a boy in a wheelchair was wheeled in to participate.

As you can see, much work began and new plans were underway for a bigger and better path.

After 2 weeks of unity amongst the neighbourhood children, the Municipality finally decided the time has come to begin their work of leveling the ground and planting. Of all the 5 sections to begin with, of course, this one was the first that the workers started on.

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