Sunday, 2 August 2009

Divorced and Older, Can I Get Married Too?

Dear Shoshanah

I have begun looking at the questionnaire but find that it is a lot of work to fill out. Maybe you can help me while I spend the necessary time or even before I start to do so. Can you answer a couple of questions that are really bothering me.
Do you think you can help me?

I am 65, divorced with a number of children.
I consider myself semi-religious (but I will tell you more about that when I fill in the questionnaire). I work on a kibbutz (though my Hebrew is still in need of great improvement) and enjoy gardening and nature.
I would not consider myself to be a model though I have a wonderful personality.

I am a little hard of hearing!

I guess I am a shadchan's nightmare... or am I?

Shalom Sarah

Thank you for your email regarding our Shidduch Service. Our questionnaire is intentionally comprehensive, although for someone who has been divorced there are some questions we need to add. e.g. we do need to know that there is a Kosher Get.

Our shidduch process is:

1. Complete the questionnaire

2. Send it in to us with your registration fee (payable easily on our site via PayPal), at least 1 recent photograph, preferably of you smiling and 2-3 references. One of the references should preferably be a rabbi.

3. Once we have received this, we can put you on our database and begin working to help you to come to Chuppah and build a strong, Bayit Ne'eman b'Yisrael.

We work with all Jews who are single and serious about getting married. For those who have more complex situations, for whatever reason, we offer counseling and coaching services to help them through the process. This additional service is provided in our professional capacity of Rabbi and Rabbis wife / occupational therapist & healing facilitator. For this we charge by the hour and work via email, on the telephone, via skype or similar internet program or in person.

Although answering the questionnaire does take some thought and half an hour to an hour to complete, it is time very well spent as it helps to ensure that we only match you with someone really suitable for you. Some have answered the questions in either a word document or the body of an email and just made sure to keep the numbering correct.

For a little encouragement, here is some feedback we have received from two of our "older singles"

B.T. made a note that she attached to her questionnaire that read: "Even if nothing directly comes out of your Shidduch Service, completing the questionnaire was a very valuable and worthwhile experience"

A.S. called to say: "I just wanted to let you know I am a Kallah. I wanted to thank you for all your time, encouragement and support. I found the two of you to be the most helpful, optimistic and encouraging of the Shadchanim out there, especially for someone who is older. You kept telling me to have faith, that Hashem is the main Shadchan and can make it happen. Well it did and you were right. Thank you."

I hope this answers your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you and to having you on our database.
We look forward too to hearing very good news, especially of your coming to Chuppah with the right man.


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