Monday, 24 August 2009

Photographic Tiyul / Tour in Jerusalem

If you are visiting Jerusalem, find out about a Photographic Tiyul in Jerusalem with Shear Success Photographers. We spend time outdoors, photographing nature, interesting buildings and people, giving you the opportunity to learn basic photographic skills or improve your photographic technique while enjoying a unique experience of the Holy City.

We will be sharing hints and ideas to help you understand the technicalities of composing and shooting a beautiful image.

We will be experimenting with different camera settings, different zooms and different angles.

Those wishing a follow up meeting to discuss and critique images are welcome to join us for an evening together following the Tiyul.

If you would prefer a tiyul of this nature at one of the Kivrei Tzaddikim, including a shiur about the Tzaddik who is burried there, given by Rabbi Eliyahu, please enquire about this option too.

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