Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Chosen and Kallah Package

Getting married should be the happiest time of your life. It is a time to share with those nearest and dearest to you. Yet there are some in Am Yisrael, who have to prepare their weddings alone. No family to assist or to attend the happy occasion.

While there are various Hachnosis Kallah gemachim or funds that help with actual wedding expenses, many lack the sensitivity necessary to make a Kallah feel cherished on her wedding day.

Unfortunately, due to some taking advantage of those funds set up to help those in need, an orphan can be insulted and even humiliated, having to prove that his or her parents really died, thus being painfully reminded that they are not in this world to enjoy her happy day. Promises can be made to the Kallah that are not fulfilled.

She can talk to the florist doing the very great kindness of helping enable that she has flowers to make her day special, and then have her dreams dashed as something totally different is provided.

The list of what can and does go wrong is endless. Through our work with the Mikvah Project - Purity with Dignity, we became aware that there are Kallot who can not manage the mikvah expenses.

To help them feel like king and queen during the first year of their marriage, we are working on a special Chosen and Kallah Package. We estimate the costs to be NIS 4500 per package. We have already receive NIS 100 for the first package.

As Rosh HaShanah fast approached, a day when we corronate Hashem as King, please think of those Chosen and Kallah who genuinely do not have others to be there for them. No one to help them through their first year and beyond.

Please give generously, either in monetary donations or via giving gifts that can be included in the package. You can browse our Store and purchase any of the items that would be appropriate for the first year to go towards the Chosen and Kallah package. If you have identified something, you can either purchase and be in touch, or contact us prior to deciding what to send.

Thank you for your generosity. May you be blessed abundantly for your kindness and sensitivity.

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