Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Inspirational Story - a Role Model for the New Year.

As we plan for the New Year, it is beneficial to look to good role models who will help us define what our goals are for the year ahead. Role Models who personify some aspect of goodness, kindness and sensitivity to others, that help us to internalize what a caring, successful person is.

I recently came across a story that highlights just such a role model. The story is told of Rabbi Ephraimel of Peshadborz, the author of the book "Oneg Shabbos". Rav Ephraimel had a guest who came to stay overnight. The preparations for the guest were all taken care of by Rav Ephraimel himself, including getting a mattress out of their storage room and setting up a bed.

When it came time to get the mattress out of the storage room, Rav Ephraimel opened the door and then quickly and quietly closed it once more. He repeated this procedure a number of times, until he finally entered the store room and brought out the mattress that was required.

Later he explained to his family his seemingly strange behaviour. As he opened the door to the store room, Rav Ephraimel noticed a rooster has settled on the mattress and fallen asleep. Since the rooster is also one of G-d's creatures, Rav Ephraimel elected to wait until the rooster woke on his own and moved off the mattress before taking the mattress out of the store room. For this reason, he quickly and quietly closed the door each time, hoping not to disturb the rooster until it woke on its own.

This incident shows the deep sensitivity that Rav Ephraimel had for all of G-d's creatures and the extent to which he was prepared to go to not disturb the sleep of any living creature.

What a beautiful role model and goal to set for the new year.


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