Monday, 21 September 2009

New Hat for the Wedding Day!

If you have been following this blog, we recently added to our
Mikvah Project - "Purity with Dignity" a very special package for a Chatan and Kallah. This package is being tailor made for a couple who do not have relatives to assist them either practically or financially, such a someone who is an orphan (lo aleinu).

On the day of ones wedding, the Chatan also needs to feel special. It is his day too. Though there are wonderful gemachim that will loan a Kallah an exquisite dress, the Chatan somehow has to come up with a new hat, new suit, new shoes. For someone who is a Chosid, that means new Kapota too. There are some who, for various reasons, are not able to purchase a new hat, or new suit, or even a new Kapota.

How would you feel standing under the Chuppah on your wedding day wearing an old, worn or borrowed hat? How would you feel with a Kapota loaned to you for an hour that you have to return even before the Seudas Mitzvah, even before the Yichud room? How would you feel wearing the same old suit you have worn for years? Not quite like a king would you?

Every Chatan and Kallah are supposed to feel like king and queen on their wedding day and in deed for the full first year after their marriage.

Please help us help the Chatan and Kallah feel like the king and queen that they are.
A new hat costs approximately US$150, a new suit is approximately US$100 and up, new shoes are US$80 and up, a new Kapota is at least US$ 100 and probably much more.

Please give your donation today towards this Package for a Chatan and Kallah. The full package will be photographed once it is complete. The full package is estimated to be NIS 4500. This amount is subject to change depending on the needs of the Chatan and Kallah.

Thank you for your generosity and for assisting a Chatan and Kallah to truly feel special, truly feel like KING AND QUEEN.

Anyone who gives a donation of 513 or more (513 being the numerical value of Chatan and Kallah) can receive a mention together with the package when given to the Chatan and Kallah and also on our website.
Those wanting their donations to remain anonymous, please indicate to this effect.

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