Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Paying Correctly

Part of reflecting back on the past year, includes evaluating the professional and work / business side of what we are doing. It has been a hard and painful lesson to admit that there are clients out there who will enjoy your services, receive the full benefits and then at the end of the session exclaim: "That was really wonderful, thank you, but now I am not paying you"

Once happening is a bit of an eye opener. But a few occasions gets a bit much.

In addition, there are those who request to pay with post dated cheques and then call and call and call to postpone the postponed date.

In order to avoid these difficulties, we are changing our payment policies. From this point on, all fees / payments are to be made in cash / PayPal or a valid cheque, prior to receiving services. For those not paying with cash, services will only be provided once the payment has cleared in the bank.

It saddens me to have to enforce such a practice, but good services do have fees attached and we too have expenses to cover.

Thank you for your co-operation. We look forward to a more peaceful business year in the coming year. May all transactions be smooth, easy, effortless. No negotiations, no finding reasons why you are exempt from paying. There are actually Hallachos (Jewish Laws) regarding business and paying your workers or service providers. Perhaps we will start to put a few on this blog or on the main Torah blog or site.

Just to highlight a few clients who have been an absolute pleasure to work with. There are some who enquire as to what we offer, ask what the rates are, make the payment. No fuss, no arguments, no criticism. After receiving either their photographs, their massage, healing, whatever the service from our range of services, they actually show appreciation. These are quality clients.

We all have the ability to behave as these quality clients have. Begin your New Year on the right footing. Emulate quality clients and help to bring peace and fulfillment to your service provider. You will be surprised as to how much extra you might end up receiving, just by being a pleasure to work with.

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