Monday, 21 September 2009

A Time to Build

Every situation has a lesson for us to learn. We can choose to look at events and occurrences in a negative light or to use a situation as a spring board for good. Rosh HaShanah davening is just such an example. As in many Synagogues, there are those who enjoy davening (praying) with concentration on the words being said, the niggunim, the solemness of the day. Then there are others who elect to use the time in Synagogue as a time to chat.

The Torah provides us with laws as to how to behave in a manner that emulates G-d and brings goodness and kindness into the world. Prayer time is no different. The time to pray is a time to connect with our Creator. It is so important an avoda (task) that the code of Jewish Law forbids us to talk during prayer time, reading of the Torah, reciting Kaddish and blessings.

A particular incident brought to our attention that there are those who will elect to daven at home, rather than be affected or have their prayers interrupted by social chit chat and other extraneous noise. This motivated us to strengthen our efforts in developing the Shul part of our Yeshiva. For this we turn to you for assistance. Please become a partner in enabling a Minyan to develop. A Minyan that will focus on fulfilling the Hallachot to the best of their ability, with
unity - ahavas Yisrael and concentration.

In order to begin this Minyan, we need 10 shtenders and 10 chairs, suitable for Jewish men to have their backs appropriately supported while praying. The cost of each shtender is NIS 250 and each chair we estimate to be the same. This means, we require approximately NIS 5000 or US$1500 in order to accommodate just a Minyan.

Of course, this will only provide for davening during days that there is no Torah reading. For the days of Torah reading, please assist us in repairing a very special sefer Torah, so that this can be used in our Minyan

Thank you for your kindness.

Those who wish to donate or sponsor one or more chairs and or shtenders in the merit of a loved one can have a plaque with the name of the loved on attached to the item in whose merit it has been donated. For the addition of a plaque, please be in touch as we will need an additional amount to cover the manufacturing of the plaque.

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